Mold is a serious problem that can quickly get out of control. For mold removal and remediation, Phoenix residents trust Cardinal Clean. But how do you know if you have mold in your home?

image - Caution Signs - How to Recognize if You Have Mold in Your Home

Caution Signs: How to Recognize if You Have Mold in Your Home

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Visible Mold or Mildew

Visible mold or mildew may not be immediately recognized as dangerous. If you notice small patches of mold in your bathroom, for instance, you might not think it is an issue.

However, that can indicate that there is mold in your drywall or insulation. If you have a fan in your bathroom, you may also be spreading mold through the ductwork.

Mold and mildew both have a damp, organic scent. However, they are two different types of fungi. Mildew is typically a lighter color, such as white or yellow. It appears to be “fluffy” in texture and grows on damp surfaces, including paper, leather, and food.

Mold typically grows under the surfaces in humid or damp areas. Some of the most common areas for mold to grow are:

  • Under carpeting
  • Within subfloors
  • Inside insulation
  • Inside ductwork

Once you notice mold, you should get it removed immediately; mold not only affects your health, it can ruin the structural integrity of your home. Mold spreads quickly, and when it moves through ductwork, it can overtake an entire house.

Discoloured Grout

Discolored grout is sometimes overlooked as just dirty, but it is often due to mold growth. If you notice discolored grout, especially if it is difficult to clean, it might be more serious than simply being dirty.

Ongoing Health Issues

Having consistent health issues, such as a runny nose, worsening asthma, itchy eyes, and difficulty breathing, can all be symptoms of having mold in your home. Health issues caused by mold growth may include:

  • Runny nose
  • Sinus congestion
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Throat irritation
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Skin rashes
  • Wheezing
  • Headaches
  • New or worsening asthma symptoms

Peeling or Bubbling Paint or Wallpaper

Peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper is a good indication that you have moisture, and probably mold, accumulated behind your wall.

Mold spreads very quickly on drywall and insulation. If you notice peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper, you should have a professional inspect your home for mold.

Your Air Conditioning Unit or Heater Smells

Mold can grow in your air conditioning unit and spread through the ductwork in your home. If you notice a musty odor whenever you turn on your air conditioning or heater, you might have a mold problem.

Mold spores spread quickly; if you suspect you have mold growing in your air conditioning unit, heater, or ducts, seek the opinion of a mold remediation specialist immediately.

You Had a Recent Flood or Water Leak

If you have experienced a recent flood, a slow water leak, a flooded bathroom or kitchen, or a hole in your roof, you should have a professional mold inspection done. Mold proliferates in damp environments and thrives particularly well in the aftermath of flooding.

Flood water is especially bad for your health; if you have a flooded area, you should always hire professionals for flood clean up and mold remediation.

Mold removal experts have the correct protective equipment, professional tools, and experience to make your home safe again.


If you notice areas with a lot of condensation in your home, you may be at risk for mold. Condensation occurs when humid air comes in contact with a cold surface.

Common areas that have condensation include bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, but condensation can happen in any room in your home, especially if there are windows.

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation in rooms such as basements and bathrooms mean that mold growth is more common in those areas. New construction is notorious for having mold flourish as well.

Since new construction is more airtight than older homes, it provides an environment that is ideal for mold, and modern HVAC systems make quick work of spreading the mold throughout the structure.

Mold Removal and Remediation in Phoenix

It is essential to begin removing mold as soon as you notice it, as it is quick to spread. If you notice signs of possible mold, or mold that is already growing, or have experienced a recent flood or water leak, call Cardinal Clean for mold remediation in Phoenix!