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How to Survive Renovation and Not to Break Up

Renovation of residential space is stressful for all residents of the house. Selection and purchase of construction materials, high financial costs, noise, dirt, lack of necessary knowledge and skills – all this literally drives inexperienced owners crazy.

The article will tell you how to survive the repair in the apartment painlessly for yourself, as well as for other residents.

image - How to Survive Renovation and Not to Break Up
How to Survive Renovation and Not to Break Up


It is important to think over how the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom will look like. The functionality and beauty of details should be combined with each other. In this case, the epoxy floor would be a great solution.

So, just contact epoxy garage floors in San Jose. Here you cannot do anything without special knowledge and experience. Otherwise, it will be painfully sorry for the money spent, and the interior will not please you.

It is necessary to secure the valuable things. Furniture can be wrapped with food film, but it will not save from all accidents. Therefore, ideally, repair work should be ordered from professionals, receiving a turnkey service that will save the interior items from damage, and the owners from stress and trauma.

Windows, doors, as inseparable parts of the home, should be covered with protective films or cardboard. In the same way, the floor is protected. Fragile objects – glass cabinet doors, mirrors – should be wrapped more tightly.

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What to Do During the Repair

No need to use caustic enamels. It is better to buy modern interior paints. Such substances are odorless and safe. They will not cause headaches and discomfort.

Daily after the end of work, it is recommended to carry out wet cleaning. If to close a doorway of a premise where repair is carried out, building dust will not penetrate into living rooms.

Renovation of engineering networks is one of the noisiest and dusty types of work. Here you will have to negotiate with the builders to replace it in stages: first in one room, then – in another.

This will bring additional difficulties to the masters, especially to the electricians. Therefore, the payment will be higher, and the execution time will be longer. To save money and time, a comprehensive repair service will be suitable.

The greatest inconvenience is the complete replacement of sanitary ware. Re-installation of plumbing equipment will not be able to occur immediately and completely if residents remain in the premises under repair.

Pets will have to be temporarily accommodated with friends or relatives. Construction dust practically does not harm adults but settles in the light animals. And noises, unpleasant smells, a large number of strangers cause severe stress in the animals. Therefore, cats and dogs will be safer and more comfortable to visit.

Children, especially small ones, also do not want to be in a renovated room. Noise, stress, dust can have a negative impact on their health. The repair should be done while the child is at school, kindergarten, or in sections. By the time he or she returns, all work should be stopped and wet cleaning should be done.

How to Survive the Repair and Not Get Divorced

Even if the spouses have lived happily married for many years, differences in views on design, price/quality ratio of materials, aesthetics, and functionality of interior items may affect their relationship. In order to prevent this from happening, there are several points to consider.

For starters, you will have to save enough money. Repair work, materials can cost more expensive than originally planned. Unforeseen expenses cause irritation, discomfort, and provokes quarrels. A professional will help to make a competent estimate.

It is important to remember that the repair is not forever. Soon the inconveniences will be over, you can enjoy the beauty, comfort, and coziness.

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