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How to Use a Meat Tenderizer

There are always three essential steps to creating any meal. First, you collect the ingredients. Second, you prepare and prepare them and, finally, the cooking starts.

Usually, step one and step three get the most attention, but the second step is just as important. And if you’re cooking meat, especially steak, you’ll find the softener to be a handy tool.

image - How to Use a Meat Tenderizer
How to Use a Meat Tenderizer

What is a Meat Tenderizer?

The best meat tenderizer is a hand-operated tool used to soften the slabs of meat to prepare cooking. Although meat softeners can be made from almost any object, there are three main types specially made to tenderize meat: mallet, blade shape, or that looks like a potato mill.

They can be made of metal or wood. You can choose which one suits your style best. Using these tools, you spend significantly less time than with other manual methods. So, let me find out the details of these meat softeners below.

Types of meat tenderizers and how to use them.

Flat Pounders

These flatters can break the muscle fibers in meat, but their primary function in the kitchen is to flatten the meat into cutlets. A crushed cutlet always cooks faster than a thick piece of meat that has not been beaten.

With this tool, the Meat is also pounded for uniform thickness. Especially chicken breasts are often overcooked at the pointy ends, but when they are flattened and pounded evenly, they will be cooked at the same rate.


To use the flatter, place the meat on a sturdy cutting board and start working from the center out. You spread the heart, and when you beat it down with a softener, pull the meat towards you. As you hit, swing in the direction of your pull or cutting board so that you work evenly in all orders.

If you want to take a little out first, avoid messing with or damaging thin meat, wet your hands, rub some water over the meat, and then place it in a frozen plastic bag. In particular, you can also use Flat pounders to smash garlic, shell seeds, or break rocks.

image - Spiked Pounders

Spiked Pounders

A spiked thresher is a tool used to soften the thorns, and the crushing action of the mallet breaks the muscles of the tough meat.


The usage of this type is like flattening. However, you need to be much more careful not to tear the meat. Radial outward is like a flat meat chopper, but instead of pulling the meat out, move it straight up and then down with a spiked thinner.

Note, do not let the thorn stick in too deeply because it is likely that the meat will be torn. Turn the meat over and work like the one above to make both sides even.

Crank Tenderizers

This is a meat tenderizer, thanks to its crank. You put your meat on the top and crank. Roller spiked, pulling meat over. The fibers are cut by thorns and crushed between rollers.

These operations are rapid and tiring very effectively. They are very popular among chefs who want to dress up elaborate dishes.


To use it, you first need to cut the meat to shape it. Refer to the instruction manual for the exact shape of the piece you plan to cook. If the meat is too thick, it will not cook; The meat is too thin, then the rollers will not engage completely.

You should also leave some extra space on the crank to allow room for the meat as the tender spreads. When you have the correct meat, place it on top and crank the crank.

image - Needle Tenderizers

Needle Tenderizers

The needle softener cuts the crushing pressure more than the flick mill or the crank softener to create more cutting operations. Those blades make dozens of small cuts when you press down, cutting thick muscle fibers in that muscle.


To use a needle softener, start at the center, and gradually spread outwards. Prepare a sturdy cutting board, place the softener’s foot on the meat, and press down hard. Let the spring bring the blades to the neutral position, then move across the width with the softener’s foot and repeat.

Once you have softened the real meat in one direction, you can continue to do so on the other side or perpendicularly if you want another softening ring.


To get the great taste of tender meats, it is not always a good idea to buy them out of the market. Whether you purchase regular meat or chewy meat, use a meat tenderizer for unique dishes.

Using the techniques mentioned above will help you manipulate quickly even though the meat is softened but still looks good.

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