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6 Ideas for Making Your Urban Home More Nature-Friendly

Life in a big city is always in a rush, with horns whistling and taking over the peace and calm of the whole surroundings.

image - 6 Ideas for Making Your Urban Home More Nature-Friendly
6 Ideas for Making Your Urban Home More Nature-Friendly

You see concrete structures, skyscrapers, and towering buildings everywhere. And with all the rush and humdrum, natural scenery like lakes, waterfalls, and greenery are rare sights for the viewing public. So, what can busy city dwellers do to retreat to a life closer to nature?

While one might be too fond of their urban life full of noise and pomp, but craving comfort in the lap of nature goes without saying. Here are some of the ways that you can make your modern home more nature-friendly.

1. Decrease the Clutter in the House

It is easy to get things you need when you live in the city, so you often end up having more stuff. Excess stuff not only makes houses congested, but it also makes them less cozy.

Houses often lack the space for elements of nature, such as potted plants and window pots.  The first step is to declutter your house to make room for natural stuff.

However, decluttering does not imply wastage. All excessive items in your home must be removed and stored somewhere safe so they can be retrieved if needed. Big cities have many storage facilities to choose from. Metropolitan cities such as Salt Lake City are becoming increasingly popular as their residents live a busy, big-city lifestyle.

Consequently, people tend to opt for Salt Lake City self storage units to store their excess stuff, so they don’t have to take time out of their busy schedules to take care of unnecessary housework. It is likely that your area also has many self-storage facilities to make your city life much easier.

2. Bring Plants to Your House

Plants have the power to transform the concrete structure into something that looks more nature-friendly. As a result, modern homes should have both indoor and outdoor plants.

In addition to potted plants, there can be well-managed and manicured gardens, potted herbs in the kitchen windows, and much more. For those allergic to natural plants, artificial look-alikes are another option.

Put a few stems in different vases and place them at various corners in your house. This way, your home will look greener and more eco-friendly.

3. Let the Head Turn with an Artificial Lake in the House

It does not take much to get distant from nature when living in a big city. Finding beautiful lakes with clean, clear water is a far-fetched idea, so why not bring the lake to your house? If you have ample space, think about developing a water body on your property.

The aesthetic appeal of an artificial lake is second to none. Moreover, it will skyrocket the value of your property, beautify your surroundings, and lower the temperature during summers.

A lake on private property might be the dream of many living around you. This nature-friendly feature to your house may also drive the audience infatuated.

Moreover, greenery around the lake makes a perfect place for holding kitty parties and family dinners. So, give people a chance to be in awe of this incredibly nature-friendly style statement in your house.

4. Replace Modern Furniture with Traditional Wood Furniture

Not everyone gets the chance to live in the farmhouse, but it is not impossible to bring farmhouse vibes to your large city house. A few changes in your furnishings can bring you closer to nature and give you a sense of calm and warmth.

Adding the most functional furniture in the house is one way to accomplish this. A farmhouse-style dining table makes you feel like you’re having breakfast in your village.

The raw wooden texture further enhances the ambiance of the place. Similarly, you can also use wooden furniture in the kitchen and other parts of the house.

You could also put a long dining table and wooden chairs in the dining room and finish the look with a classic chest of drawers.

5. Add Wooden Floors

Tiles and other types of ceramic floors look extremely elegant and chic. They can make your house look more modern and updated, but you cannot achieve a traditional look aligned with nature.

On the contrary, taking inspiration from nature and adding natural elements to your house can increase your proximity to Mother Nature.

Wooden floors can be used to add a natural element to a modern house, making it cozier and warmer. Furthermore, they offer a timeless appeal, making it more welcoming for everyone who enters. Many homeowners also feel that the wooden floors give their homes an air of spaciousness, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

6. Keep your House Surrounded by Greenery

A house built in the heart of green cover and grass can fizzle out its concrete look even in the middle of a big city. With lush green grass surrounding your house, you can create a barrier between the commercial feel of the town and the nature-oriented life in your house.

As you step into your home, you feel the freshness and a boost in energy. This kind of house is perfect for having rest and blocking the buzz that controls the life of other city residents.

Inside the building, this is your perfect nature-friendly abode developed according to your wishes, taking you to a new world of brilliance.


Bestowing your modern big city house into one nearer to nature is not a goal that you cannot achieve.

Often it requires making small changes in the places, adding more natural elements like wooden furniture and floor, lots of plants, and water bodies.

If making an artificial lake is not in your budget, develop a waterfall aquarium in one corner of your lawn. The notion is to be closer to nature by bringing more natural features into your modern décor.