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Lattice Ideas for Decks, How to Install Lattice to a Deck

Lattice Ideas for Decks, How to Install Lattice to a Deck, “Lattice can improve the looks of a deck and also ensure privacy. The area below a deck can also be fitted with lattice ideas for decks to ensure that it is not a refuge for rodents or other animals. Understanding how to install lattice ideas to a deck is not a complicated affair.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”UQN8f” via=”no” nofollow=”yes”]Lattice can improve the looks of a deck and ensure privacy. Learn on How to Install Lattice to a Deck is not a complicated affair.[/ctt]

How to Install Lattice to a Deck

The Need of Lattice Ideas for Decks

A lattice screen can add privacy to your deck area and make it more usable for the family. Lattice ideas can also give some protection from wind and also act as a support for climbing plants if you want to add that to the looks of your porch or deck. Areas below decks do tend to attract animals looking for shelter and quite often become a place where things just get dumped adding to the clutter. You can also install lattice ideas under decks to protect this area and keep it neat.

Lattice screens are available in 4 feet by 4 feet sizes or even in 4 feet by 8 feet sizes. They would normally have square or diamond shaped gaps. The normal material used for lattice ideas is wood, but you can even get lattice screens made of polythene. You can even make your own lattice screen with just strips of precut wood of any size which can either be nailed together or glued together in the pattern that you want.

Image of Lattice ideas, How to Install Lattice to a Deck
Wood lattice ideas, How to Install Lattice to a Deck – By Douglas O’Brien Via (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Lattice ideas, How to Install Lattice to a Deck

Lattice screens basically require to be fixed into frames, as by themselves they would not have much of strength. So the first thing to do is to put up the necessary posts which would hold the frame. You can fix the posts to your deck structure, or also put in new posts from ground level after grouting them to holes in the ground. You would need to decide on the height to which you want the lattice screen. You can take it to the roof level, to have a completely enclosed deck or just up to a railing level to form a protective barrier.

Once the posts are in place, you would need to add stringers to the posts or run a horizontal wooden handrail on top of the posts. You would then have the firm structure to which you can attach your lattice ideas screens. Posts higher than the stinger add a design element to the whole work and can be used to further decorate the deck with lamps or other decoration. It is also better to have a floor piece made of wood of the same width as the post on the deck running between the posts.

Now cut the lattice ideas for decks screens to the exact size you now have in the framework made by the posts, the stringers or handrail and the bottom floor rail. Keep a margin of about a 1/4 inch so that the lattice piece goes in easily. You would now need stops made of 1 inch by 1 inch wood which you can easily get precut from a lumber store. This will come in fixed lengths which you may have to cut for size. Fix one stop all around the perimeter of the frames, slightly off center; the eccentricity equivalent to half the width of the screen thickness.

Now your cut lattice screen so it can slide into the opening from the open end. On the other side again make a similar framing with the wood stop so that lattice ideas screen is fixed in place. Repeat the exercise till all the area on your deck is covered.

Apply the finishes to the screen and wooden framework as desired and there you have your completed lattice ideas for your decks.

Lattice ideas under the Deck

Now that you know how to install lattice ideas to a deck, you can do a similar job for areas under the deck. Of course you have to clean up the area and rake it properly. It is necessary to see that the area under the deck slopes outward to prevent any accumulation of water. It is better to make lattice ideas areas under deck on frames in such a way that they are easily removable. You can even consider hinging some of the frames so that the area underneath is accessible.

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