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John Spach on Kitchen Safety and Kitchen Hazards in Any Restaurant

Restaurants that have good turnover always face a shortage of staff members in the kitchen. In this scenario, losing staff members on account of injury is the last option for them.

The cooking staff is prone to injuries, like cuts and burns, sprains, and other kitchen accidents. Restaurant kitchens are hazard filled workplaces, which require proper analysis.

image - John Spach on Kitchen Safety and Kitchen Hazards in Any Restaurant
John Spach on Kitchen Safety and Kitchen Hazards in Any Restaurant

The recognition of dangers and making efforts to minimize them is essential. You must develop smart ways of operation to protect your staff members from accidents.

Take A Quick Look at The Following Points as Provided by John Spach for Kitchen Safety in Restaurants

Restaurant hazards include uneven floors and slippers, heavy lifting, dangerous equipment, and other related risks. Hence, John Spach draws the attention of readers towards each impediment in detail:

  • Uneven or slippery floors

Oil and water are nothing new for restaurant floors. In older kitchens, the surfaces are uneven, thereby causing accidents.

These things may lead to employees falling or slipping, and it is dangerous when working with hot appliances and sharp blades.

The hotel owners may install non-slip floor materials and make use of safer mats. Moreover, they may train their employees to clean the floor to keep it clean regularly.

When employees need to transfer vast quantities of hot oil or liquid, you must provide them with safe transport methods.

  • Dangerous Equipment and Machinery

The commercial kitchen gets characterized by equipment specifically designed to chop, cut, and shear food. Equipment prone accidents are enormous.

It is significant to train the staff members for the use of the device safely. Ensure that the kitchen supervisors play their role effectively.

Try to observe the best practices while using kitchen equipment. Employees who use prep equipment like motorized slicers and mandolins must wear cut-resistant gloves.

  • Heavy Lifting Injuries

Strains and sprains may result from heavy lifting inside the kitchen. It leads to injuries that may be minor or severe. For employees, back belts must be available on inventory or delivery days.

You must give adequate training to employees to wheel or pull the load.

  • Chemical Hazards and Burns

Hot surfaces are nothing new for restaurant kitchens. Oils and hot liquids, and hot food items that splatter on the area may result in burns.

For this reason, employees must use long sleeve chef jackets to protect themselves from these hazards. Moreover, they must have safe work habits and many hot pads to provide them with protection.

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Besides this, food safety hazards and crowded workplace risks are other related factors that need further contemplation.

Proper training of the staff on monitoring temperatures, food safety, and enforcing good habits will prevent unforeseen situations.

Moreover, the employees’ regular supervision by using closed-circuit cameras may help the employer get an insight into their activities.

Workplace safety is of paramount importance, as it encompasses a large number of individuals. Keep in mind that the security of life and property is of utmost importance in any workplace.

Workplace accidents mar the reputation of the restaurant.

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