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Keep These Plants in Your House to Keep the Pests Away

You must have read articles about how to get rid of pests or remedies to get rid of them. However, not many people are aware of plants that can help keep pests and bugs away. Individuals who want to check nature’s way, we’ve listed down some plants and herbs easily accessible at most nurseries.

These plants are said to prevent mosquitoes and other bugs or insects. The smell of these herbs is the consequence of the dispersion of minuscule globules that contain oils. High temperatures can make the globules volatile, evaporating the oils and transforming them into vapors, according to Pennisi.

For example, the numerous globules on the underside of rosemary leaves. On the other hand, if nothing works, contact Boston wasp control to know about pests.

image - Keep These Plants in Your House to Keep the Pests Away
Keep These Plants in Your House to Keep the Pests Away

Mentioned below is the list of plants you can keep inside your house to keep the bugs away:

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This is a well-known fragrance, so having it in the house will never be a bad idea. It is not only the sweet smell that makes it an incredible plant – lavender oil is known to repel bugs including flies, beetles, and even fleas!

These are likewise adored by honey bees, so it is an incredible method to give the pollinators in need of assistance some help.


This is an unbelievably adaptable plant, most ordinarily known for its flavor and adding the completing touch to a scope of culinary recipes. In any case, not many people are aware of the fact that it is a bug repellent with its solid smell keeping undesirable bugs away.

Keep a plant in your kitchen, easily accessible to use while cooking, and prevent those troublesome gnats and midges.

Citronella Plant

This plant comes from the geranium family, reproduced by a Dutch botanist by intersecting African geraniums and Citronella grass. The plant’s leaves smell like citronella, which is a mosquito repellent. You can crush a leaf and rub it on your skin to help keep mosquitoes away.

It very well may be grown inside the house. It gets about a foot tall and can endure anything from full sun to part shade. Think about growing this in pots on your yard or porch. The Citronella plant’s leaves have a solid citrus fragrance that repulses mosquitos naturally.

Venus Flytrap

This might not be needing an introduction deciding by its name; however, Venus flytraps are normally a successful method for eliminating fly and gnats.

Venus flytraps are carnivorous plants that will snap shut on bugs and insects that land inside their “mouths,” which implies that they will assist you with the killing of pests, and you will have one upbeat, well-fed plant.


Marigolds are lovely however, not many people are aware of the fact that they are used as bug repellants as well. Adding boxes of marigolds near your windows can help spread their “unique smell,” which as indicated by Eartheasy is exceptionally despised by mosquitoes.

Marigolds additionally, as Eartheasy brings up, contain [p]pyrethrum, a compound used in many insect repellants.