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5 Key Things You Need to Know About Roof Maintenance

Are you wondering how to keep your roof in good shape? With the average cost of a roof replacement nearing $10,000, you want to do everything you can to maintain your roof for as long as possible.

image - 5 Key Things You Need to Know About Roof Maintenance
5 Key Things You Need to Know About Roof Maintenance

What should you do? Keep reading to learn 5 key things about roof maintenance!

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1. Examine Your Roof Regularly

At least twice a year, make a point of examing your roof. You don’t have to get on a ladder. You can just look up!

If you notice curling on the shingles, discoloration, or any loose bolts, those are warning signs that your roof needs further assessment. When you see signs of roof damage, it’s time to call the professionals!

2. Clean the Gutters

And while you’re at it, clean the downspouts. Keeping your gutters and downspouts free of debris is an important component of roof maintenance, so add it to your roof care regime.

During autumn, leaves and twigs can clog your downspouts and gutters. Ultimately, what this means is that water can back up. If water doesn’t drain properly, this can cause water damage to your roof.

Put on some gloves and grab a ladder, or hire someone to do this job for you!

3. Keep the Trees Away

Trees look beautiful on any property, but when they start hitting your roof, it’s time to get them trimmed. Trees can sway — or worse, fall — during severe weather, so you don’t want your roof in their path.

With branches that are more substantial, seek the assistance of professional arborists who will know how and where to trim your trees.

4. Look for Mold and Algae

By keeping your trees trimmed, you’ll cut down on the appearance of things like mold or algae. Mold can cause deterioration in your shingles and look bad, so you want to do what you can to prevent or eliminate it.

Discoloration on your roof is a telltale sign that you have mold or algae, and it is more likely to grow and spread in warm weather. You can spray your roof with a water and bleach mixture, but if the discoloration has spread, it’s time to seek assistance.

5. Roof Maintenace Includes Checking Your Attic

Your attic can offer clues about the status of your roof, too. If you can access your attic, do so and look for a few things.

If there is light peeking through, that’s a glaring clue that something is wrong. But there are more subtle indications that your roof is deteriorating, too. Look for signs of mold or water stains that would suggest leaking.

Also, know the state of your attic’s insulation. Having a well-insulated attic can help preserve your roof by moderating the temperature more, especially in cold weather.

Keep Your Roof In Good Shape

Roof maintenance is a crucial part of homeownership. Make sure that you’re on top of it or you could end up with some expensive repairs or a roof that doesn’t last very long. Take the time to do some cleaning and visual inspection!

When you’re ready to find more home improvement ideas, check back with us for informative articles!