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Key Types of Tradespeople to Assemble for Your Renovation and Maintenance Team

Owning a home is a dream for most of us, but many people don’t factor in just how much work is involved in maintaining properties and renovating and refreshing them over the years.

Most of us can’t do many of the tasks that need doing around the place, either, because they require specialist skills and tradespeople with the correct licenses and experience.

image - Key Types of Tradespeople to Assemble for Your Renovation and Maintenance Team
Key Types of Tradespeople to Assemble for Your Renovation and Maintenance Team

If you’ve recently bought your first home or have a property that you need to renovate soon, it’s helpful to understand the different types of contractors you may need to have on call.


As you’d imagine, one of the contractors you’re sure to need at some point is an electrician. They work on many tasks such as installing, maintaining, repairing, and removing appliances, putting in lights and power points, and adding ethernet and another cabling as needed. If you want to install some contemporary or rustic ceiling fans in your place, they’re also the type of worker to call.

Certified electricians can help you upgrade or replace wiring in your home and other electrical systems and check and repair faulty sockets, cables, and other elements.

If you find that you or your family members get stung by electrical shocks or that appliances keep shorting or lightbulbs seem dimmer than usual, call an electrician ASAP to ensure there aren’t any safety hazards in your property.


A plumber will undoubtedly become an essential part of your renovation and maintenance team, too. They’re the experts in piping, drainage, and other water supply and waste systems.

They can install, replace, and repair faucets, pipes, toilets, showers, and various other items in and around your property, including outdoor needs such as garden faucets. They will attend to water leaks inside or out and can identify and remove blockages in pipes.

Find a plumber with experience completing numerous tasks so they can handle many needs at your home as they arise. Select someone well-versed in modern plumbing systems who offers a warranty on their work.

A lot of plumbers will help you with roofing and gutter and other water leaks and maintenance, too. It pays to add someone to your team who will do emergency callouts so that if you ever have a sudden burst pipe or significant water leak, or other problem, they can help you without delay.


You may not need to utilize a painter often since their work is more of a once-every-few-years or so thing, but it is good to have someone you trust on your team.

If you plan to sell or rent out your property, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in the quality of the buyer or tenant you attract and the price you can command on the property.

Experienced painters know how to use plaster to repair damage and fill holes in walls or the ceiling, and they can typically work with cornices, baseboards, and the like.

Choose someone who can work with different types of paints, both internally and externally, so you get the effect you need, and someone who guarantees the quality of their work, too.

Professional painters bring their own tools and equipment, including drop sheets and ladders, and they’ll know how to get their job done without getting paint on your furniture, flooring, or other items.


To create as much curb appeal for your property as possible, you’ll want to have access to a talented landscaper who can help you design the layout of your outdoor spaces and implement the ideas.

Experienced gardeners, these contractors study external environments to see how to make the land look visually appealing and work on a practical level, too.

They recommend the right plants, trees, and flowers for yards that work with the climate, position, space, and type of functionality you require. They’ll examine the soil in the vicinity, too, to see which types of fertilizers are required and other relevant factors.


Lastly, if you have any structural work that needs doing in your home, such as removing or adding walls, a carpenter can help you.

In addition, they will install, repair, maintain, or replace wood-based elements around the home, plus items like metal sliding doors and windows, shelving and cupboards, and stairs. They can add or update patios and porches and decking and other home additions, too, in many cases.

Carpenters use wood or other carpentry materials and work with a range of specialized tools, such as drills, saws, screws, levels, etc. Choose someone with the appropriate training in this carpentry arena who offers a safety and quality guarantee.

These are some of the key tradespeople you will need to utilize over the years for your home. The sooner you start sourcing excellent contractors you can rely on, the better.