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List the Types of Knives for Your Perfect Kitchen

Kitchen is one part of life where nothing less than perfect can make things worse. The kitchen set up never looks complete without the best combination.

One can make compromises and adjustment on the other things, but the kitchen has its own space. Knives are probably the most important part of the kitchen.

image - List the Types of Knives for Your Perfect Kitchen
List the Types of Knives for Your Perfect Kitchen

Kitchen Knives

Does not matter, how beautiful your kitchen looks and how stunning is decoration, if the knives are not good enough, you cannot cook well. So, it is best to have knowledge of every type of kitchen knives that can be used.

Selection of knives depends upon the usage and of course on the cooking style. So, if you are running your kitchen without the knives then make your kitchen perfect or else plan for your perfect kitchen.

Well, if you are really confused and do not want multiple knives around you, then you might consider Universal Kitchen Knife. It is a combination of everything.

However, it does not make it perfect for each and every purpose. But, yes it can make your work a bit easier.

Majority of the job like cutting and slicing can be done very well with these knives. Chef’s Knife is the best example of such universal knife. One might go for the Gyuto Knife as well from Japan.

This can be very useful when you have a temporary kitchen. The most common and important job while cooking is perhaps cutting and slicing.

We often admire the excellent work in a salad in a restaurant and other places. However, some credit of that excellence must go to the perfect knife also. However, the experience of the chef cannot be discredited here but the knife plays an important role.

image - Takeda Clever Knives
Takeda Clever Knives
image - Santoku Knives
Santoku Knives

The edge of the knife should be sharp and shining. There should not be any bruise on the surface of the food item which is getting sliced by the knife.

The sharper the knife is, the better is the slicing. Depending upon the situation, different knives can be used for slicing and cutting as well.

Slicing needs a sharper edge than cutting. Takeda Clever Knives are the best knives for slicing and Santoku Knives are meant for cutting. However, the later can be used for slicing as well.

Peeling and Pairing are also very important in the kitchen. The crucial point for the job is to have a knife which has a clad blade. The holding edges of the knife always help to peel or pair better in the kitchen. Tojo Flash Knife can be very useful for this purpose.

Chopping is another important job in the kitchen. The requirement for the chopping or chopper knife is different from the others. However, it is never seriously segregated. The blades should be always sharp but with longer edge and a wider base.

The knife portion should be greater than the other with an equally broad handle to control the chopping. The handle should be very comfortable as it may cause an accident due slippage as chopping needs more power.

For Dicing, kitchen needs something extra and special knife. It is to be understood that the long edge and pinpointed top of the knife can be a world of good for the knife. The upper portion of the knife has to be very sharp in order to complete the dicing.

Kitchen is something which has many definitions and requirements. However, the basic needs and the process of the kitchen does not change.

A maker understands the value of a product and thus it is very essential to use proper resources. The Knife cannot be separated from the kitchen and the variation and the specifications actually enhance the kitchen experience.

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