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Do Locks Compatible with Apple Home Key Worth it?

Are you aware of the new feature Apple has introduced for its users to upgrade their smart lock experience?

Well, we all are fond of the digital smart devices released and the features introduced by Apple, and there is no doubt to admit that they are incredible.

image - Do Locks Compatible with Apple Home Key Worth it?
Do Locks Compatible with Apple Home Key Worth it?

Though still today, the majority is recognized asAndroid users, those who own Apple’s smartphones or other smart devices are enjoying several perks of using them that aren’t available on the Android software.

One of such advanced and magnificent features is Apple Home Key which has been updated on the iOS 15 software. Have you heard about it?

What is Apple Home Key?

Apple Home Key is a new feature updated on the iOS 15 software that comes with a digital key added to your Apple Wallet.

What will it do? It will allow you to lock and unlock your door using your iPhone or other Apple devices such as Apple watch instead of operating it manually.

The Apple Wallet app is the best organizer that keeps your important items such as credit cards, car keys, identity cards, as well as digital door lock keys safe and sound.

You can keep your Office key, home key, Hotel key, and others in your Apple wallet as it will be more convenient and secure.

All you have to do is tap on your iPhone or Apple watch while keeping it near the smart lock and recognizing the user’s identity; it will lock and unlock.

If you use an Apple watch, it will be a hands-free way to open the door lock. Interesting? Yeah!

How Does it Work?

Home Key acts like a digital code that you can save in your Apple Wallet and use to lock/unlock the door.

To use it, you should have a compatible smart lock working in conjunction with the Home app on your iPhone device.

This Home Key can automatically sense when kept near a smart auto clicker door lock and open it. And if you wear an Apple watch, you can swipe it in front of the lock to unlock it.

Following the steps below, you can set up your home key.

  • Add your compatible smart lock to the home app on your Apple device.
  • Choose one unlocking option depending upon your convenience or security needs.
  • Select automation provided on the app.

This Home Key possesses two different unlocking modes.

  • Express Mode: By holding your Apple device near the supported smart lock, you can unlock the door.
  • Require ID or Passcode: Keep the phone near the lock and use the Face ID or Passcode to open the door.

This Apple Home Key offers some other useful features as well, such as:

  • Using a setting on your Home app, you can keep the door always locked when it is closed.

This way, whenever you go outside, you don’t have to worry if the door was locked or not.

  • Another setting when turn on keeps the door locked once you leave.

This means that the door will remain unlocked for a bit, and when you go beyond a certain limit, it will be locked.

  • You can also give all residents their own Home Key if the lock you have installed supports HomeKit.

As a result, everyone automatically receives their digital key when setting up the Home Key.

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Access Code for Visitors and Guests

You can also give temporary access to other people who don’t live in your house but often visit or have some work for a while to check into your house.

Let’s see how it’s possible.

  • Go to your Home app, hold on to the lock icon, click settings and then manage access.
  • Tap to Add Guest, give him a name, and choose the locks you want them to access.
  • Tap Change Access Code to enter another code and then share it with the guest.

You can change this code later to prevent the guest from accessing some of the doors or remove the guest.

What is the Apple’s Smart Home Strategy?

Apple has been one of the very thoughtful brands when it comes to bringing innovations for the user’s compliance.

Though the items and features released by them speak of their creativity and brainstorming, the users have to wait a bit longer to be able to use them.

Just in case, we are considering the example of Apple Home Key compatible locks. Apple released this new feature of Apple Home Key in 2021 to upgrade your security system but, to employ it, you need to have a smart lock compatible with your Apple’s smart devices.

Because Apple didn’t release any Apple Smart lock to make use of the feature, you have had to buy compatible locks.

At the time of releasing this feature, no such lock was available in the market. Therefore, Apple users were not able to benefit from this feature.

However, if we closely look at this smart home strategy of Apple, we get to learn that the brand is striving to encourage third parties (here it’s hardware makers) to adopt their platform.

They are promoting the integration of other companies or, particularly say here, hardware manufacturers to produce compatible smart locks.

In this way, they can work together with several companies and manufacturers around the world to get different compatible devices for their more advanced features.

Some Apple Home Key Compatible Locks

Since Apple has launched this new Home Key feature, we are seeing that some hardware manufacturers are making smart locks compatible with Apple Home Key allowing you to operate your door locks remotely.

Having an iPhone or Apple Watch, you can manage to lock and unlock the smart locks on your door securely.

Here are a few names:

  • VOCOlinc Apple HomeKit Door Lock
  • Eufy Security iPhone Controlled Smart Door Lock
  • Kwikset Premis Door Lock
  • Yale Assure Smart Lock
  • Yale Assure Lock SL
  • Nuki Smart Lock 2.0
  • Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Apple has done a great job by introducing this feature. However, it is not very prevalent because of the low number of compatible locks available.

Therefore, if someone having an Apple device wants to switch to this modern and smart locking solution, he has to wait a bit until a sufficient number of compatible locks arrive on the market. Learn more about locks by checking Speedez Locksmith from Miami, Florida.