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7 Ways Modern Screw Piles Has Transformed the Construction Industry

There is no doubt that we all get the itch to revamp our home exterior. Nothing wrong with that, but, the crucial thing that comes into play is how strong the foundation is! Beautifying or creating a stylish exterior of your home does not mean that you are adding a dose of years to your kingdom.

7 Ways Modern Screw Piles Has Transformed the Construction Industry
7 Ways Modern Screw Piles Has Transformed the Construction Industry

Well, years ago, things were different, and people had enough time to select the right and best material for their homes. This, in turn, offered them a long-lasting dream home.

Now, the situation is, we want everything quick, and sturdy. When it comes to building homes, offices, etc.; we certainly desire to have a place that lasts for years. No doubt, the longevity of any building is directly connected to its root.

So, what you can do, and what could be the solution? Here you go!

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The good news is, construction industry always seeks new ways to upgrade its tactics. Screw Piling is one of their significant advancement that has incredibly transformed this niche.

You might be wondering what actually the screw piling is? In one word, it is one of the strongest foundations.

Screw piling is the ground anchoring system that is utilized for building deep foundations. Read along to know why it is considered to be imperative when it comes to building a foundation.

1. Rapid Installation

The best thing about screw pilling is that it is installed by making use of conventional construction equipment. For example, excavator pc 400 and track excavator are equipped with suitably sized low-speed high torque hydraulic motor. This equipment lends a hand in installing it quickly. Further, there is no task of moving this equipment!

Isn’t it a great thing that this foundation can be installed quickly, which further saves a lot of time and energy! It will be a great choice for the people who are in a hurry to get the project started.

2. High Load Carrying Capability

Now coming to its second wonderful point; bored piles, screw piles, etc. are great foundations that are loaded immediately after installation. In fact, not only do they have an excellent loading capacity but they can be loaded immediately too just after the installation.

Again, isn’t it a big thing that there is no need of spending ample time just waiting for excess pore water pressures to dissipate when it comes to driven piles! Moreover, there is no case of waiting for grout or concrete to harden. So, it’s an outstanding way to achieve building construction projects in minimal time duration.

3. Almost No Site Disturbance

When compared with the other types of construction methods that involve the installation of drilled shafts, helical piles, or other anchoring systems, out of 10, there is only 1% disturbance on site. Actually, the thing is, helical piles, screw piles are such foundations that work without creating a mess.

They do not produce soil cuttings. The bonus is that these anchoring systems either keep the site clean or demand minimal cleanup at every installation place. The fact that popped up here is, it lowers projects costs, in a nutshell.

4. Sustainable Technology

Another excellent point is, there is a low carbon footprint. Counting on helical anchors or screw-piling foundation is certainly a great choice as they can be removed as well as used with no to little change in structural integrity. So, one of the advantages that arise from here is, it is useful for supporting the temporary structures.

By the way, these systems are fabricated in sections that result in a modular kind of construction. That said, it is a cinch to reduce or extend the length of the installation. The reason is, it is taken into consideration just to fulfill the site conditions as well as design requirements.

5. Low Noise Level

It is indeed the best part of a screw piling foundation! Nobody likes to welcome roaring sounds when they are focusing on their work or taking an afternoon nap! With several construction systems, equipment produces such terrible sounds that often trouble others.

Also, when the installation is done at the residential or commercial area, the sounds of equipment undoubtedly create trouble for others.

Pointing towards screw piling, its installation offers minimal noise. In fact, the installation produces little vibrations, and when it comes to helical anchors and screw pilling, they produce a bit of disturbance to the nearby structures.

Modern Screw Piles Transformed the Construction Industry

6. Simple Modifications

Another amazing advantage of helical anchors and screw piling foundations is that they demand simple field modification in order to enhance the load capacity.

The modular characteristic of this technology lets it achieve this outstanding factor, and it undoubtedly showcases the versatility of the technology.

In fact, adding extension sections with helical anchors of big diameter is not at all complex. That said, the experts can quickly find a way that too without requiring the fabrication of the completely fresh foundation.

Well, if you are thinking to go for this method, then you can look for the best Screw Piling Contractors Sydney area as they know how to perform this task perfectly.

7. Verification of Load Capacity

It is indeed a vital feature of such foundations! Monitoring as well as verification of the load capacity is what it offers during the installation. This process is done by making use of a direct-line torque measuring device.

When the anchor or pile advances into the ground, it measures the installation torque. This torque to capacity connection is verified with on-site load tests, in a myriad of construction projects. Well, monitoring the installation torque signifies that at every installation place, soil conditions can be verified.

Key Point

No matter what strategies, tactics, or plans you make for home improvement, the key player will be the foundation. The foremost task is to make the root strong; other things will follow up once you have made the base sturdy.

These ways prove how exceptionally modern screw piles have transformed the construction industry. So, before you plan your next building construction, just think of the screw piling foundation that has taken the construction niche to a different level.

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