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10 Professional Tips to Pick the Perfect Plantation Shutters

Whether you’re renovating your first home or revamping an old room, the best way to spruce things up is to switch up the window dressing. It’s a simple yet surefire way to change up the look and feel of any room — be it a bedroom, bathroom, or even the kitchen. There are also plenty of choices to consider, such as curtains, blinds, and plantation shutters.

image - 10 Professional Tips to Pick the Perfect Plantation Shutters
10 Professional Tips to Pick the Perfect Plantation Shutters

That said if you’re looking for something versatile, durable, and worth the investment, then it’s needless to say that plantation shutters are your best bet. Compared to curtains or blinds, they effortlessly elevate your home and are much easier to maintain. Not to mention that you can easily get shutters online.

With a seemingly endless array of choices, choosing the right set of shutters can be a long process. To help smoothen out the process, we have 10 professional tips on how to pick the perfect plantation shutters for your home.

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1. Choose the Right Style

Window shutters come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. From full-height window shutters that cover the entire length of the window, to cafe-style shutters that only cover the lower portion of windows, there are many styles to consider.

When choosing the right style for your home, it’s also important to think about how much daylight you want to let in. Smaller or half-shutters will allow more daylight to filter into the room, while larger, solid shutters can offer more shade.

2. Measure Well

This rings true for all kinds of window treatments, but especially so for plantation shutters which are more rigid. If you’re not going to a professional fitter, be sure to get your shutters from businesses that offer measuring guides!

Read reviews online and look out for those with established customer support helplines in case you need a hand with the measuring tape.

3. Get Creative with Colors

With the right colors, plantation shutters can easily add personality to your home. Shutters painted in primary colors like blue, yellow, green, or red make for a lively statement piece, while softer pastel shades can help brighten up a child’s bedroom.

If you want something more subtle, a safe option is always to pick a color just a few shades off from the color of your walls. The shutter will be a simple accent piece and showcase the beauty of the room.

4. Make Sure You Have the Right Material

Apart from colors, plantation shutters also come in an array of materials. High-end materials that are popular choices include solid wood like cedarwood and basswood. However, for something more budget-friendly, composite wood and plastics are also recommended.

Do note that different materials have different characteristics and tolerance levels for humidity, dampness, and weather, so keep the needs of the room in mind when you’re shopping! For instance, shutters made of polyvinyl are more water and heat-resistant, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Solid timber is also great for trapping heat inside when the weather is cold, so consider them for snug living rooms or bedrooms.

image - Mix and Match with Other Window Dressings

6. Mix and Match with Other Window Dressings

If you can’t decide between getting plantation shutters or curtains, why not get both? When coordinated well, the combination instantly beautifies any room it’s in. Pairing cafe-style plantation shutters and flowy curtains in a lighter shade, for example, is undoubtedly a winning combination.

Another tip is to opt for plain-colored curtains that are slightly sheer to match the solid-colored timber of the shutters. The contrast between the hardy and delicate characteristics is eye-catching and will be an aesthetic addition to a dining room or bedroom.

7. Use for Doors as Well as Windows

Who says plantation shutters are only for windows? The trend of using tracked shutters for doors is gaining traction for both its hardiness and beauty.

Made of solid wood, you can be sure that these shutters will keep out outside elements like rain, wind, or snow with ease.

At the same time, these unique additions to your home will add a touch of both coziness and luxe. Most people build them as patio doors, but you can also use them for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

8. Determine How Much Privacy You Need

One thing great about plantation shutters is that they offer a lot of privacy. Shutters with large louvers act as sturdy barriers, and at the right angle, a good shutter will allow you to see outside without letting anyone peek in.

As such, wider shutters are generally a good option for windows of more private rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms.

9. Keep an Eye Out for the Details

Other than the material and color of the wooden slats, don’t forget to account for the other tiny details like tilt rods and hinges that hold the plantation shutters together. Ideally, you should get shutters with hidden hinges and rods to achieve a seamless look in the room.

That’s not to say that you can’t go the other way and look for shutters with large, obvious hinges if you prefer. After all, if it matches the room, these little artistic details can be the touch your home needs to go from boring to beautiful.

10. Get a Pro for Installation

Once you’ve gotten your hands on your plantation shutters, it’s time to install them! Take note that shutters look deceivingly simply to install — but in reality, they require some technique and strength to mount. Seeing as they’re a big investment, paying a professional is the best way to go.

We recommend you look around for local fitters who can do the work for you at reasonable rates. On average, a typical fitting can cost roughly $100 per hour of work.

If you decide to take it up on your own, make sure you are precise and adjust all the elements accordingly. A common mistake is to overlook adjusting the tension screw, which may cause the louvers to feel loose.

Windows in the home tend to shift with age as well, so make sure you align the shutters properly from the get-go to avoid wall damage in the future.

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With these 10 tips, you’re well on your way to getting beautiful plantation shutters to adorn your windows with. You can achieve just about any look with these versatile pieces, regardless of if you’re going for a rustic and cozy home or a modern, contemporary vibe.