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8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Mover

If you’re in the market for a local mover, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed by all of your options. In this blog post, we will answer those questions and more.

We’ll also provide a list of 8 questions to ask when choosing a local mover. So, whether you’re moving across town or across the country, read on for tips and advice related to local movers!

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8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Mover

How do you Know Which Company is Right for You?

Here are some essential questions to ask when choosing a local mover:

1. Is the Company Licensed and Insured?

It’s so important that you hire an experienced professional who takes their job seriously, not just someone with a truck, as there is much more involved in moving than loading boxes into a van.

2. Does the Company Have References or Customer Reviews?

The best way to find out if it’s really worth hiring is by asking past customers about their experiences.

You can also check online for customer reviews and ratings on Yelp, Google+, or other review sites. Don’t forget to take your time reading these reviews! Make sure they’re unbiased before making any decisions.

3. How Much do They Charge?

You must know how much the company charges before agreeing on anything with them. You can call or email them directly if there are any questions about their fees.

Some companies may not include everything in their estimates, which could cost more money once all work has been completed successfully.

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4. What Kind of Experience Does the Team Have?

Make sure everyone involved in your move is experienced enough, so they don’t break any furniture while moving it into another room; this will save time and money because then nothing needs replacing later down the line when things start breaking due to too rough handling during transportation from one place to another (such as desks, beds, etc.).

Also, keep an eye out for people that have been with the same employer for many years they’re usually better than those who change jobs frequently because they’ve got more experience at their current company, which means it’s less likely something will go wrong during transportation.

5. Do you Need Packing Supplies?

There’s nothing worse than having to spend money on boxes and tape when all you really want is just get things moved from one place to another without any hassle!

Make sure everything gets packed up safely so there won’t be anything damaged by moving vans or trucks; if there are fragile items, you should always take extra care.

Also, try asking how much time it takes before starting your move since some companies may charge an hourly rate versus a flat fee depending on what all you need from them.

6. What is the Company’s Policy on Deposits?

If something does go wrong during transport, it’s nice to know that your money isn’t immediately gone and that you’ll be able to get it back after everything has been sorted out between both parties.

7. How Will the Move is Coordinated?

This includes ensuring everyone knows when they’re moving, what time they need to arrive at their new home or office, and confirming where you should unload things with the truck’s driver. Without good communication, moves can easily turn into a huge mess!

8. What Kind of Insurance Do They Have in Case Something Breaks?

Accidents happen – even movers can drop an expensive vase if they’re not careful about how they lift things.

If anything does break during transport, it’s nice to know that you’ll be covered by liability insurance so your stuff isn’t lost forever and won’t cost an arm and leg either!


When it comes time to choose a local mover, be sure to ask the right questions. By doing your research and asking the right questions, you can ensure that you select a reputable company that will meet your needs.