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6 Questions to Ask Your Air Conditioner Tech

It’s during the summer. It’s one of those days when the sun scorches a little harder.

As much as you would love to participate in some outdoor activities, you cannot face the sun.

You decide to go inside to grab a cold drink and as you sit enjoying your chilled glass of juice, the air conditioner breaks down.

The temperatures are rising too high too fast. You now understand that you need a reputable company to handle the air conditioning repair.

image - 6 Questions to Ask Your Air Conditioner Tech
6 Questions to Ask Your Air Conditioner Tech

But who do you call?

Finding the right AC repair expert is of the utmost importance as it goes a long way to determine the longevity of the system.

This article highlights various factors you should consider before hiring a professional AC repair company.

Let us dive into details.

1. Is the Company Licensed?

One of the first things you need to consider before hiring an AC repair company is if it is licensed.

Working with uncertified companies puts you at risk. For starters, the workers might not be conversant with the intricate details of your AC’s specific model. Also, they might try to cut corners by doing repairs that are subpar.

All these are dangerous situations that might arise when you hire an unlicensed AC company.

To be on the safe side, make sure you look for a repair company with all the necessary certifications.

By default, a licensed company will hire competent repair professionals.

These companies also elevate their employee’s knowledge by taking them to the industry-specific training.

2. What is the Company’s Level of Experience?

For how long has the company been in operation?

This is another crucial question to ask before hiring your ideal AC repair company.

An experienced repair company will understand intimately. They also know the industry’s demands and trends, which are crucial when delivering repair services.

Apart from looking at how long the company has been in existence, find out the experience levels of the repair experts.

Make sure they are qualified to handle the specific repairs you want. To find qualified professionals, consider interviewing the repair expert who will be assigned to you.

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3. Do They Offer Emergency Services?

Considering a company with emergency repair services is of paramount importance.

You can rarely predict when your AC might break down. It may happen at night, on a hot afternoon when the temperatures are at an all-time high, or during the holidays.

Oftentimes, AC repairs are an emergency and you cannot afford to wait for one or two days for professionals to fix the unit.

As such, you need a professional AC repair company that offers 24-hr services all year round; a company that will be available to repair the unit during Christmas, among other holidays.

4. What is the Quality of Their Customer Service?

Before hiring an air conditioning repair service company, consider the quality of customer service they offer.

For starters, company employees should address you with respect and be polite. They should also pay keen attention to your needs.

Luckily, you can always tell a company’s customer service from the get-go. You can easily assess this from the initial interaction you had, either in person or through the phone.

An AC repair company with impeccable customer support should listen to you and give you possible solutions to your problem.

Be wary of companies that take long to respond to emails or phone calls. This could be a sign of slow service a factor that could impede customer satisfaction.

5. What are the Types of AC Repair Services the Company Offers?

Various components make up your AC, which leaves room for a myriad of possible problems.

Compressor motor issues, fan problems, and refrigerant leaks are only a few of the AC issues that may arise.

When an air conditioner breaks down or starts functioning inefficiently most times, we rarely know the problem behind it.

You may think that the filter is the problem, only for a repair expert to open the unit and tell you that it has a faulty compressor.

As such, seeking the services of AC repair service providers who have a deeper understanding of the myriad of AC problems is imperative. It is the only way you can be sure they will do what is expected of them.

6. How Much Do They Charge?

The cost factor comes in last because the other points are of greater importance when finding an ideal company to repair your faulty AC unit.

However, you need to confirm that the prices a repair company charges are within acceptable ranges.

You can verify the charges by researching online and preferably, getting quotes from different repair companies. Doing so gives you a rough idea of how much your AC repair will cost you.