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The Quick Wheelchair Ramp Buying Guide

Over 39 million people visit the doctor each year with unintentional injuries. Some of these injuries will almost surely result in the use of a wheelchair, either temporarily or permanently.

If you or a family member is learning how to navigate in a wheelchair, one of the first things you should do is look into a wheelchair ramp to make mobility easier.

image - The Quick Wheelchair Ramp Buying Guide
The Quick Wheelchair Ramp Buying Guide

But how do you know which types of wheelchair ramps are best for your needs? Do you need to learn how to build a wheelchair ramp, or can you buy something to fit your needs instead?

We’ve got the answers you need. Keep reading for a quick overview about what to consider before buying a wheelchair ramp.

Consider Your Needs

The first thing you should consider is whether or not you need a permanent ramp. Will you or your family member be in the wheelchair long-term? Or is it only needed temporarily?

You’ll need a ramp regardless of your answer, but you should consider a semi-permanent ramp if the wheelchair won’t be used forever. Semi-permanent ramps are made to be removed and adjusted as needed.

Permanent ramps, on the other hand, are anchored into the ground and fixed in place.

If you don’t need a permanent ramp, you may even look into wheelchair ramp rental options in your area.

Consider Different Types of Ramps

Wheelchair ramp cost varies greatly depending on the type of ramp you need. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common types of ramps you may need to buy.

Home Ramps

Being able to get into and out of your home is key, so you’ll want to start by looking at home ramps.

An aluminum wheelchair ramp is one of the most common home ramps, which is easy to install. You can also build a home ramp out of wood if you’re the handy type.

Vehicle Ramps

It’s also important to be able to get into and out of vehicles while using a wheelchair. Vehicle ramps come in wide designs, that can be used with not only a variety of vehicles but also a variety of chairs.

For example, you can get vehicle ramps that come with a track designed to line up with the wheels of a manual or electric wheelchair.

Portable Ramps

Many businesses have wheelchair-accessible entrances, but it never hurts to feel prepared. Portable ramps are lightweight so you can easily transport them around town.

This gives you or your loved one more freedom when going out, giving you peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about accessibility.

Find the Perfect Wheelchair Ramp for Your Needs

Now that you’ve learned more about what to consider before buying a wheelchair ramp, you’re ready to start the shopping process.

Buying the right wheelchair ramp can give those in a wheelchair a sense of freedom and mobility, no matter where they go.

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