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3 Reasons Your Property Needs to Switch to Swiftlane

Whether you’re the owner or the manager of a property, access control systems can help you safeguard your investment and utilize modern technology to improve the entry experience for tenants.

The cloud-based access control system from Swiftlane integrates facial recognition technology, visitor management, and mobile unlock in order to secure buildings with multiple access points.

image - 3 Reasons Your Property Needs to Switch to Swiftlane
3 Reasons Your Property Needs to Switch to Swiftlane

This can be utilized in properties like high-rise residential buildings and multifamily units or even commercial real estate. Learn three good reasons why your property needs to switch to Swiftlane.

1. It’s the Best Access Control System on the Market

Keys are now a thing of the past. And Swiftlane is the best access control system, even when compared to its competitors. The company is a global leader in high security and access control technology.

And it utilizes integrations that are cutting-edge, reliable, and secure. These include remote management, cloud-based technology, and integrated video intercom systems.

Swiftlane alternatives have similar capabilities but aren’t up to par. For example, a competitor with sensor-based and alarm monitoring may have remote capabilities.

But Swiftlane has biometric and mobile access that surpass those features, and it plays a preventative role in security rather than a reactive approach.

While other systems might use facial identification and artificial intelligence, Swiftlane has an all-in-one biometric access control with two-factor authentication and facial recognition. Some systems don’t have integration compatibility and offer these controls separately.

Other systems may also be built on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware, while Swiftlane operates on proprietary hardware that is an all-in-one solution to access control.

These are just a few examples of what makes Swiftlane better than its alternatives and why you should consider using it for your property.

2. There Are Multiple Features to Improve the Resident Experience

Residents are willing to pay for high-security features and frictionless access. This investment pays for itself and generates more revenue. An NMHC report states that the top amenities for multifamily buildings in 2022 are smart access and self-service package management.

With Swiftlane access control, residents can use mobile unlock, PIN codes, or face recognition to gain access to the building. They can also unlock doors remotely through a mobile app and provide guest access through temporary codes.

Multi-use PIN codes can be used for frequent visitors, dog walkers, service companies, or other family members and friends. Single-use codes expire in five minutes for security purposes. The video intercom system offers two-way audio and video calling.

And this helps to verify who is at the front door. The ability to unlock doors remotely ensures that packages never go missing or deliveries are never missed.

3. Swiftlane Drives Revenue for Both Owners and Operators

image - Swiftlane Drives Revenue for Both Owners and Operators

Smart access systems are an investment. And they’re just one of many upgrades that property owners can implement for better value and more revenue. When you spend money on smart technology, you can charge a few extra bucks in monthly fees for these features.

The technology helps with increased asset valuation, a better resident experience, and also decreased operational costs for other security measures. You’ll be able to charge higher rent for better technology and it pays for itself.

It makes for a future-proof property with tangible building value. Plus, you can use Swiftlane to scale with your real estate portfolio. Investing in these technologies is a great way to reduce the loss of vacancies as well as boost retention. Plus, you’ll see an improved lease conversion rate.

Property managers, building owners, and residents rave about the company’s customer support and onboarding process. It’s a cost-effective solution for top-notch security and preventive measures.

There’s no need for expensive hardware or high surveillance costs. Discover the Swiftlane difference with this easy solution.

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