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Residential Pressure Washing Services: The 7 Unique Benefits

A house’s exterior is built to stand against the different effects of the weather.

Right from the summer’s sweltering heat to cold winds during the winter, as well as the frequent dust, the vinyl sidings, and the roof shingles, prevent them from entering inside the house.

image - Residential Pressure Washing Services: The 7 Unique Benefits
Residential Pressure Washing Services: The 7 Unique Benefits

The consequence of this is the exterior getting discoloured, degraded, or oxidized, making the exterior of a home look faded or dilapidated.

This affects the curb appeal, and proper functioning of the house’s exterior protective layers as dirt, grime, or acidic rainwater can corrode the materials, making them prone to breakage.

Pressure washing is turning into a boon for building owners as professional pressure washing services make it easy to clean the exteriors of any residential or commercial location.

With certain precautions in place, pressure washing can make the difficult task of cleaning the house’s exterior into a cakewalk of a few hours.

The pressure from the water jet can eject any tough stains or grime that has made its home on the exterior of your home.

In this article, we shall look into the benefits of getting water pressure cleaning services for all kinds of cleaning around your house.

Benefits From Pressure Washing Services

1. Keeps your house in the top condition

As we stated earlier, the dust and dirt can collect on the top of your walls and roof to form a layer that makes your house exterior look dull and faded.

These are stubborn enough not to be removed from scrubbing or mere dusting.

Similarly, if algae or mould develops on the walls and roof, it would require heavy scrubbing to remove it, which can be dangerous. Mould growth degrades the underlying materials and reduces their life cycle significantly.

With pressurized water, the jet would uproot the dirt and mould without affecting the bottom lying layers.

Having the pressure of the walls washed before getting your house painted will help you get a clean surface for the paint to stick and create a uniform layer.

2. Improves the health of the residents

Algal growth and mould formation are harmful to the health of your house and those living inside.

Long-term exposure to toxic mould is linked to problems such as insomnia, memory loss, trouble concentrating, and confusion.

People have also experienced muscle cramps, numbness in extremities, weight gain, sensitivity to light, and hair loss as a side effect of mould exposure.

Moreover, many people develop allergic reactions to dust, and pressure washing dampens the dust, disallowing it from flying around while cleaning.

Similarly, algal formation on the walkways or patio can make the surface slippery.

Since they are very stubborn to remove unless uprooted completely, the only way to remove them by booking a house pressure washing service.

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3. Elevates the curb appeal

Dust on the outer walls, broken roof shingles, and dirty walkways indicate the lack of upkeep for the house.

A dull-looking house would be an indication of undetected repairs. This will downgrade your curb appeal and discourage potential buyers.

Booking a pressure cleaning company like Aaron’s Pressure Washing allows you to forget the worry of making the house look presentable before you host a viewing.

The most common places in the house generally observed by realtors and prospective buyers are driveway, sidewalks, and signs of cobwebs and mildew on the exterior walls.

Pressure washing can clear all of them in a breeze.

4. Environmental-friendly cleaning solutions

Algae, moss, and mildew are microbes that infest any humid area. Once they develop a colony, it is difficult to get rid of them entirely unless you use any strong fungicide or disinfectant.

These are strong chemicals that destroy the microbes but are also harmful to other living organisms. The run-offs from a chemical wash go down the drain and mix with water underground.

This has long-term consequences on the environment and the population living in it.

Thankfully, in pressure washing, all you need is water, which is sprayed at a very high speed.

The jet speed is strong enough to provide deep cleaning without using any soap, detergent, or any harsh chemicals.

You may argue about the amount of water being wasted, but it is 75% less than the water wasted from cleaning using a hose.

The pressure being 50 times higher than that of the hose, you use significantly less water overall, and work is done in no time.

5. Easy efforts and Time-saving

Compared to hiring a cleaning company, booking residential pressure washing services is a time-saving solution.

The time spent in offloading the chemicals, creating a concoction of the required strength, donning protective gear, scrubbing for a long duration, and bearing the smell of chemicals for a long duration even after the work is done, is saved by just a jet of pressurized water.

The entire house can be pressure washed within a half-day of work. Moreover, you can direct the nozzle towards any hard-to-reach areas for easy cleaning without the need for a ladder.

All you need is to plug the unit into a power source and connect it to a water tap for continuous water flow, and you are ready.

6. Cost-effective Solution

As we mentioned earlier, all you need is a power source to plug the unit into and a constant water source such as a water tap, and you are ready for pressure washing your house.

A residential pressure washing company doesn’t need any soap, chemicals, or disinfectant to clean your house efficiently; neither do they need to invest in specialized protective gear.

So, the savings are forwarded to the customers.

7. Prolong the age of repairs

By cleaning the walls and roof periodically, you increase the longevity of the materials. Since they are less prone to break when kept clean, you extend the need for any repairs or replacements.

So, the cost of booking a pressure cleaning company is recovered in the longer run by saving on booking a handyman for repairing certain parts of your house from neglect.

Applications of Pressure Washing

A pressure washing solution is not just applicable for cleaning your house exteriors but can be used for a multitude of scenarios such as:

  • Pool cleaning
  • Gutter Flushing
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Automobile washing
  • BBQ grill cleaning
  • Outdoor wooden decks

Wrapping Up

When it comes to looking for cost-effective and time-conserving cleaning solutions, nothing beats the choice of pressure washing.

When you compare the benefits mentioned to the overall cost of hiring a pressure washing company, you notice the choice is a great investment toward the longevity of your home, your family’s health, and the overall value of your neighbourhood.

Book once a year and observe the difference it brings to your home.