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Shed Base Gravel vs Concrete – Which One is Good?

Do you need a foundation for the shed base? Well, all the shed bases need this for stability and for providing shelter effectively.

image - Shed Base Gravel vs Concrete – Which One is Good?
Shed Base Gravel vs Concrete – Which One is Good?

But what is the best material for the shed base gravel or concrete? This question is something that every homeowner faces at least once in their lifetime. The answer to this is a bit trickier than it looks.

Both gravel and concrete have sheer differences between them. They both have different abilities when they support the entire shed base. For instance, portable wood floor shed bases often need gravel whereas concrete is the best choice for the not pre-built ones.

Hence, to arrive at the perfect decision, we have outlined the advantages and uses of both types of foundations. Hang in there to know more!

Shed Base Gravel Vs Concrete

As mentioned earlier, gravel and concrete both are suitable as shed base foundations depending on the type of shed base you are building.

With a plethora of benefits, both have been popular choices for consumers. Come, let’s put it side by side to know what’s the best solution for you.

1. Shed Base Gravel

Without any ifs and buts, the shed base gravel is perfect for the plastic shed base foundation. As famous as it is to the homeowners, it has got some real exclusive reasons for this.

First of all, gravel has undoubtedly a better drainage system than concrete ones. It has an incredible power to absorb all the water that may be built up around the shed. While rainy seasons, this acts as a plus point.

This feature helps the shed base to last longer. Due to less water built up, there is little to no chance of rotting and damaging the materials present in the shed base.

Next up, the cost of the shed base gravel is quite affordable compared with the other foundations. Being a way to lower the cost of your hard-earned money, this can be a great long-term investment with less hassle.

Apart from that, both installation and movement with the gravel are much easier and more flexible. For someone who is just starting, the shed base gravel is, of course, an ultimate solution. If this is the case with you too, feel free to stick with the shed base gravel for your DIY projects.

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2. Concrete

On the contrary, People often preferred concrete foundations due to the restrictions of the municipalities. A lot of the time, authorities do not permit shed gravel for specific sheds. Therefore, having a mixture of both materials can be satisfactory in this case.

Again, if you have a plan to build the shed base to fulfill the purpose of the garage, then we suggest you use concrete. The shed base gravel does not serve the purpose rightly buddy. As it is sturdy and holds the shed in place, the movement of the car does not shift the shed itself.

This does not mean the concrete base is stronger than shed base gravel. Simply put, it depends upon several factors – like stone mixed – which determine its robustness.

Though the price of the concrete foundation can cost some extra bucks, that’s also worth the peace of mind you deserve.


1. Is Gravel a Good Base for a Shed?

Gravel is the best foundation for plastic shed bases. Starting from price to easy installation the shed base gravel seems the holy grail when preparing a shed base.

2. How Deep Should Gravel Be Under a Shed?

The gravel should be at least four to six inches deep. This would enhance the stability of the shed giving it optimum strength and vigor.


With this, the battle of shed base gravel vs concrete comes to an end. We hope that now you know what exactly you need for your plastic shed base.

To sum up, shed base gravel is more favorable among the homeowners. However, a big sum of people is also in love with the concrete ones. So, according to your needs, choose the one that suits you. Have a good day ahead.