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Know about the Benefits and The Facts Related to Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Panels – All-round Information

The Solar Photovoltaic or PV (PhotoVoltaic) system is one of the most popular and fastest growing uses of solar energy. There are many advantages of solar photovoltaic system. The reason for this immense popularity of solar PV systems is the huge amount of beneficial aspects associated with the use of a solar PV system.

Solar PV Systems - All-round Information
Solar PV Systems – All-round Information

What are the beneficial aspects of a solar photovoltaic system? Let us know about them in the following:

  • The solar PV panels in the solar photovoltaic system convert the sunlight into electricity directly. The earth receives around 90,000 terawatts of power or energy from a constant renewable source of energy the sun. This is enough to fulfill the requirements of power of the whole world population.
  • In remote and less-developed areas, the absence of proper infrastructure leads to electricity problems. In these areas, generation of electricity is possible only with the help of solar PV systems.
  • Do you know that solar photovoltaic systems are an efficient and economical method of generating electricity? This is for your information that the costs involved in the installation of solar PV systems are very high. But the costs involved in the maintenance of these systems are lower with the satisfactory generation of power. So, you will be happy to pay the high installation costs.
  • Solar PV system is clean, green and environment-friendly because no chemicals are produced as by-products when the solar photovoltaic systems are functioning.
  • The solar PV systems generate power in the day time when the sun shines. In cloudy days, they are also able to generate electricity but in less quantity. This is to inform you that most PV systems with the support of battery store power on sunny days for use during cloudy and rainy days.

Now you know about the advantages of solar photovoltaic systems. These are the beneficial aspects of solar photovoltaic systems. Get a solar PV system installed at your home by one of the experienced solar PV installers in your area.

And then, let’s we explain about the facts related to solar photovoltaic (PV) system panels

The Facts Related to Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Panels

Now a day’s people are opting for solar photovoltaic (PV) system because of the immense benefit. But you may think how to implement this system to get best results on your property?

You can get the best answer is if you can contact any of the suppliers of solar PV system they will first visit your property and undergo a survey and will inform you whether it is right for your property or not. Considering other factors they will inform you whether these photovoltaic solar panels would be cost effective for you or not.

If you are puzzled who to contact you can visit Mypower UK” portal for their assistance. They give personalised service and the site is very user-friendly.

If you place the PV system in such a way that the panels face between south east and south west it will give you best results. Make sure that the panels are not under the shade of other buildings or trees. If you install above the roof make certain that the angle is between 30-40 degrees for best performance. If the angle is between 20 to 50 degrees it will also produce good results.

A kilo watt peak (kwp) of installed PV will occupy an area of 8m2 approx. It actually depends on the type of PV panels installed and place to be installed. The solar panels will weigh around 10 – 22 kg each. A 16m2 will weigh around 220 kg. If you are concerned about the weight on the roof do not worry at all. A structural engineer will inspect the roof before implementing the solar PV system

Another question may come to your mind is whether the tariffs are guaranteed or not? The guarantee period is of 25 years and it is completely tax free and index linked. The panels require low maintenance. It has no moving parts. The scheme is backed by the government. The office of the gas and electricity markets which is appointed by the Government body regulates the feed in tariff.

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