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Step by Step New Solar Installation in Penrith

Most of the homes have already got solar in the US and several homeowners are considering installing solar. If you plan for solar, you may want to find out what really happens during new solar installation in Penrith, or how to install solar panels yourself.

There are steps to be taken after you sign your Solar Penrith Australia contract before the solar panels on the roof actually power your home, and a lot is behind the scenes.

image - Step by Step New Solar Installation in Penrith
Step by Step New Solar Installation in Penrith

How to Install Solar Panels?

Solar installation cannot be done overnight – there is a process that needs to get your panels ready to start powering your home. There are steps to be followed for the installation of solar panels.

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Engineering Site Visit

Once you sign the solar contract, an engineer visits your home to check the electrical status of your home and checks everything is compatible with the new system.

During his visit, the engineer evaluates the status of your roof to check that it is structurally strong. He also checks your electrical panel-the grey box in the basement – to find out if you have to upgrade it.

When the installer says the electrical panel is to be upgraded, it means new solar panels need more amperes of current and the ampere capacity of the electrical box is to be increased.

An engineer visits before the contract is signed, or sometimes, the installer takes pics of the property and takes their own measurements of the roof, and the engineer signs off without doing his own visit.

Documents and Permits

The process of installing solar panels has too much paperwork. Most of the paperwork is dealt with by the installer, it is always good to know what is going behind the scenes of the solar installation.

Besides applying for incentives, you have to do other paperwork such as building permits. These are specific to the place you stay in.

The installer is aware of the restrictions and requirements of the states in which they work and may help you find out what permits you need- the installer may fill out the paperwork for you.

Ordering Equipment

Now once the paperwork is properly done, the installer will place an equipment order through the primary distributor. Your equipment will arrive on the day of the installation which happens whenever your paperwork is approved.

The Big Day

Solar installation is exciting for every homeowner. The installer starts preparing the roof and checks if the shingles/tiles are properly attached. Then they put electrical wiring that connects to the electrical panel and power system.

After the wiring is complete, they install racking to support your panels. The panels are placed onto racking. Finally, your inverters are connected to panels to convert direct current energy into the alternating current energy used in homes and on the electric grid.

Approval and Interconnection

The last step is to flip the switch to generate power from the rooftop. A representative from the government inspects the system and gives approval before connecting the solar panel to the electric grid.

Following this local inspection, representatives from electric companies come to do their final evaluation of the system. The moment they approve and connect your system to the grid, the panels will start.


You need not go for the 1 to 3 months process to install solar on your home.  Use a Solar calculator to get estimates on offers in your area. If you are willing to compare quotes from installers in your area you may register your property.

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