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Steps to Launch Your Interior Design Business in 2020

Interior designing is an art; it is a rare skill that demands knowledge, creativity, and a sense of aesthetics. If you have a passion for transforming spaces and designing interiors is where your interest lies, you can plan to launch an interior design business.

Are you already an aspiring interior design entrepreneur? or looking for some valuable tips before you venture into interior design? If yes, you are on the right page.

Starting a new business is always risky and involves making big decisions. You need to have the belief and perseverance to get established and reach summits.

image - Steps to Launch Your Interior Design Business
Steps to Launch Your Interior Design Business

Interior design is a vast term, and starting a business anew in the field can be a daunting experience. Here you will learn how to start, manage, and promote your interior design brand with the right steps.

Steps to Launch Interior Design Business

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1. Research

Research is a very powerful tool. It will help you gain a lot of insights before you launch your interior design business. Your first step should be secondary research.

It means studying the current interior design market, the ongoing trends, the likes and dislikes of the target audience, and the plethora of platforms that already offer interior design services.

This will help you envision a brand that has all the qualities required to sustain in the market.

2. Determine Your Niche

Interior designing is inclusive of various works. You cannot handle all of them with standard efficiency. A kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are all different spaces and require a diverse skill set for designing them.

Before you set your foot in the interior design business, be very clear about the products and services you will offer.

Furniture, walls, paints, kitchen, bathroom, etc. are a few options you can choose to specialize in.

3. Offer Something Unique

Interior design is not a new business. Multiple brands in the market are trying to please the same target audience which has resulted in fierce competition. If you want to start your own business, make sure it has a special quality, a newness that can attract people towards your brand.

You can pick themes that have not been explored much and create an impact on the target audience.

4. Build Your Brand

A brand has multiple aspects such as physical attributes, personality, brand image, and the reach. You need to first understand your brand, so you project it the right way.

Invest time and resources to give your business a proper name and assign a brand logo; the brand logo must be unique and standard at all places to maintain consistency. Next is developing the collaterals, the store (if offline), and the digital assets (if online).

5. Create a Website

Creating a website is a must for having a digital presence. Even if you choose to be a brick and mortar store, develop a website as a large chunk of the audience depends on their phones to order products and services.

Make sure your website has a soothing look. Ensure all the information is clearly placed, and the user interface is easy to understand for the visitors. Confusing user experience can have a bad impact on your brand.

6. Be Active on Social Media Platforms

Be it a kid, a grown-up, a layman, or a professional, social media has left a strong impact on everybody. The whole world ends up spending numerous hours scrolling their social media screens.

Before you launch your brand, create profiles on all major platforms. Post beautiful and attractive pictures and maintain a symmetrical page. It will give your brand a professional look.

YouTube is a great platform to attract an audience towards your business. Take the help of YouTube intro makers to give all your videos a finishing touch. More info here.

7. Create an Attractive Portfolio

Your portfolio will be the direct representation of your work. Clients will ask for the portfolio before they confirm their order to analyze your work’s quality. Ensure to include your best works in the portfolio in an attractive manner.

The visuals and the write-ups are equally important to develop a perfect portfolio that speaks for your services. Use photographs of high resolution. Also, get the write-ups reviewed to eliminate minor grammatical and spelling errors.

8. Have a Dedicated Team

You cannot be a one-person army if you want to launch an interior design business. You need to have designers, graphic designers, painters, suppliers, contractors, and a lot of other employees to function smoothly.

Train your team and let them know your vision for the brand. Conduct workshops for your team, so they get inspired to work better. Share insightful interior design videos, blogs, and other resources for them to read. This will build a constructive work environment.

9. Plan Events if Possible

Planning events is a bit difficult given the current pandemic situation, but you can plan small events to maintain the regulatory orders. These events will help you create awareness around your interior designing business. You can also gain potential clients through these events.

10. Invest in Marketing (Online and Offline)

Marketing will enable your business to grow and reach the audience across boundaries. There are numerous ways to market your interior design business. You can invest in online and offline marketing simultaneously.

If you wish to go the online way, video marketing is the best option available currently. Create videos and share them on all the channels that you generate the maximum leads.

You can use intro makers like www.videocreek.com and InVideo to produce premium quality videos. Offline marketing includes running newspaper ads, magazine ads, and distributing brochures.


2020 has been an impactful year. It has given many new experiences and lessons and has taught the world new ways to live life. The digital world took over, video marketing became the new normal, and brands shifted their mode to function.

The above-mentioned steps will help you launch an interior design brand that wins over this year.

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