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Sticker Removing Hacks from Glass Windows That are Known to Few People Only

The issue is pretty common that you have bought a window glass and there is a price sticker or company sticker. You must not want to show the price and brand name to everyone visiting your home. It will be a matter of embarrassment. Also, this is such an issue that very limited numbers of people know the perfect solution.

Don’t take the stress anymore. Here you will get your solution for sure. Go through the amazing tricks to remove the sticky tags smoothly.

Don’t Do It Without Knowing

Removing stickers is not much difficult when you know the right techniques. It may result in damage to your new glass if you try any unproven method.

Glass is a very sensitive material. So, you need to handle it very carefully. You may lose your favorite glass for the wrong step.

Also, a wrong step can create a harmful accident as well. So, before you take any step with the window glass, it is a must that you have adequate knowledge and the proper tools to handle it safely.

And if you don’t know what is right or wrong, it would be wise not to try it with confusion. Better to take help from an expert.

Proven Methods to Remove Stickers from Windows

Most of the time, stickers are from very adhesive material. However, sometimes glass stickers can be a stubborn material to get off. It may leave unsightly residue on the glass sheet.

You will have to try a proper technique to remove it. Also, it would be very risky if you try any unauthorized method for cleaning glass. Before trying anything with your beautiful window glass, you must have a clear view of the process.

Here are some guidelines that can be helpful for you.

  • Using Window Cleaner

image - Using Window Cleaner

Spray window cleaning liquid or foam on the glass sticker. You can use a safety razor blade for removing the paper sticker. The main trick to make the work done perfectly is to handle it slowly when you pull stickers up.

Going fast may take extra minutes to clean the residuals. And work with the glass maintaining safety. The razor blade should not be dull and remember to scrape the blade at an angle.

  • Rubbing Alcohol

image - Rubbing Alcohol

Then peel the sticker away slowly from the window glass. Here also don’t do fast when you are pulling the sticker off. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the sticker directly. Wait for some minutes to let it work.

  • Use Nail Polish Remover

image - Use Nail Polish Remover

Interestingly, nail polish remover is very effective in breaking down the sticker’s adhesives. You can follow the same procedure of rubbing alcohol with the nail polish remover.

Her, you can use some cotton balls to apply the remover on to the sticker. When you feel that the adhesiveness is gone properly, just remove the sticker slowly. If you find the sticker still sticky to the glass surface, apply nail polish again until the sticker is easy to remove.

  • Cooking Oil

image - Cooking Oil

Have you ever thought that the common household product will be helpful for such matters? Yes, it is. All the oils like vegetable oil, olive oil, and canola oil work the same effectively.

Apply oil on the glass sticker covering the edges properly. Leave it for some time like 10-15 minutes. When it is out of adhesiveness, peel it off from the glass. After removing, clean the glass using dish soap along with warm water to remove the stickiness of the oil.

  • Vinegar

image - Vinegar

Vinegar works very well for this purpose but it requires a lot more rubbing than the rubbing alcohol.  Take a soft cloth and wipe it with vinegar.

Rub the sticker with the cloth until the sticker is removed properly. As vinegar is acidic, you can use a little bit of water along with it.

Which Technique Is More Effective?

All the mentioned techniques are proven and helpful, but you may find the method using glass cleaner more effective. Glass cleaner is available in every home so you will not have to think for an extra arrangement.

Also, when you will use a glass cleaner to remove the sticker, it will be helpful to clean the glass thoroughly. However, a glass cleaner is a common material you will get any time anywhere to buy it.

Tips to Keep Glass of the Window Clean

image - Tips to Keep Glass of the Window Clean

It is the window glass that can create a dirty impression of the whole house if it is not clean. Also, it is not possible to clean glasses every day. So, you need to follow some techniques that are easy and the glasses remain clean for a long time. Here are some general tips that can be helpful to you.

Don’t Use Paper

image - Don't Use Paper

It is better not to use paper when you are cleaning window glasses. A lot of people use newspaper or paper towels along with glass cleaning liquid to clean the window glasses. It is not a wise technique.

Maybe you know wrong that paper leaves less fiber behind on the glass after cleaning. It is not true. Better to use a soft towel or sponge or microfiber cloth instead of paper. So, you will not have to think for the residual fiber on the glass.

Use Right Glass Cleaner

image - Use Right Glass Cleaner

It is a must to ensure that you are using the right glass cleaning solution. You will feel a huge difference when you use the perfect cleaner. Know your purposes first and search for the perfect product that suits you to serve the purpose.

If you have an allergy problem with ammoniated glass cleaner, you can find a cleaner with low ammonia. Glass & Mirror Cleaner Foam by Fab Glass & Mirror is such a cleaner with a very low amount of ammonia.

It is a very effective cleaning agent with a soft and pleasant aroma. You can order it online from Fab Glass & Mirror’s website and get it at your doorstep.

Use Squeegee

image - Use Squeegee

After spraying the glass cleaner, you need to rub it for a while to remove all the dirt. For this rubbing process, you can use a squeegee. It is more effective in cleaning dirt than a cloth.

By following the mentioned techniques, you can keep the glasses clean for a long time with a little effort.