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6 Surprising Reasons Why You Keep Losing Clients

Are you wondering why your business is repeatedly losing clients? For any business owner, this issue can be frustrating to deal with.

You have probably tried to identify the mistakes you are making, but your business continues to lose clients. So it’s time to think a little out of the box.

This post covers each of the six reasons that you’ll be surprised to know may be causing your business to lose clients so that you can understand why and how they impact your business.

image - 6 Surprising Reasons Why You Keep Losing Clients
6 Surprising Reasons Why You Keep Losing Clients

1. Sky-High Pricing

Even if the product or service that your business offers is of the highest quality, a hefty price tag can prove to be an entry barrier that most clients will not be willing to cross. If your competitors offer the same product or service at a lower price, your clients will most likely gravitate towards them.

For example, let’s say that you offer residential painting services. Compare your prices with your rivals, and understand what they are doing differently. As your products and services evolve, so should your prices.

It would be best to find the middle ground for pricing – not too high, not too low. You’ll find that reasonably priced, high-quality offerings are a great way of getting your existing clients to stay while landing new ones.

2. Improper Communication

Clear communication is at the heart of every successful business-client relationship. Nothing burns bridges quite like poor or unclear communication. There are countless communication-related things your business might be doing wrong.

Firstly, long response times can be a huge issue. When a client reports an issue or has a query, they expect an immediate response. They don’t like to be kept waiting. Secondly, not communicating clearly with the client about what your product can and cannot do could cause you to lose clients. You should not give them the wrong picture of your product.

Additionally, not providing your clients with a straightforward response and directing your clients to a chat-bot or an automated service when all they want is to talk with a service desk employee can be very problematic. If you have been making any of the four mistakes mentioned above, now would be a good time to rectify them.

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3. Inconsistency

Inconsistency can threaten your business. You should be particularly wary of inconsistencies in two areas: quality and marketing. Here’s an example of inconsistent marketing.

Let’s say that you sent regular and informative marketing emails to your clients for a while, and then have radio silence from your end for a prolonged period. This won’t sit well with your clients, as they expect to be kept in the loop at all times.

Inconsistent quality can also be a huge issue. It’s not a good sign if you deliver two standout products to your clients, only to follow them up with a product or service of abysmal quality.

It will call into question your business’ integrity and ability to deliver in the long run. One way to reverse the trend of losing clients is to ensure consistency in whatever you do.

4. Distasteful Conduct of Employees

It’s simple. When clients do business with you, they expect to be dealing with a courteous, polite, well-dressed professional who understands your needs. If they encounter a rude or unhelpful employee, they are bound to be disappointed.

From the start to the end, you must endeavor to provide your clients with the highest level of customer service. And how your employees behave will play a crucial role. After all, the character is everything.

5. Not Paying Attention to Your Clients’ Needs

Okay. You’ve successfully closed a deal with a client – don’t stop there. Ask for their feedback. If the client suggests improvements, take them on board. If you don’t listen to what your clients have to say, your business will miss out.

Here’s how you can rectify this. Send feedback forms and surveys to your clients regularly. Study their responses, and work on developing new products and services accordingly. The more interest you show in your clients, the more interested they will be in doing business with you.

6. Unappealing Business Space

The overall appearance of your business space matters. Non-maintenance of driveways, parking spaces, and gardens will give your workplace a rundown appearance and might deter clients from returning.

If needed, give your workplace an upgrade. Make the exteriors look nice and welcoming. For instance, you could hire the lovely folks at phs greenleaf to install lush green living walls that will inject your workplace with a burst of vibrant energy. Regular upkeep of parking areas would also help.

Final Thoughts

Research shows that 97% of clients are likely to spread the word about a business if they’re impressed by the customer service. Identify the areas that are bogging your business down, work on them, and you’ll be sure to see the difference!