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Add Extra Seating to Any Room with a Swivel Vanity Stool

Swivel vanity stool seats aren’t just for the dressing room, they can be used throughout your home in various rooms, no matter the decor.

The only difference vanity stools have from regular stools is height, but that actually makes them more functional and easier to integrate into your home design.

image - Add Extra Seating to Any Room with a Swivel Vanity Stool
Add Extra Seating to Any Room with a Swivel Vanity Stool


Obviously, if you have a vanity dresser in your bedroom, a swivel vanity stool is perfectly at home in that room, but even if you don’t you can still include these stools as additional seating. It can be helpful to have extra seating in your bedroom for when you are getting dressed.

Sometimes your bed can be just a little bit too high to be comfortable when you are putting on socks, nylons, or shoes. Having a stool in your room makes this a lot easier.

And if your bedroom is small, a swivel vanity stool makes for better seating than a sofa, armchair, or ottoman. They simply take up less room.


If you don’t have a vanity dresser in your bedroom, you may be using your bathroom counter for double duty.

If that’s the case, having a swivel vanity stool in the corner or under your counter so you can pull it over or out and have a seat makes doing your makeup or plucking your eyebrows or whatever you need to do a lot easier and more comfortable.

Having a stool in your bathroom is also helpful if you have a small child who can’t reach the sink, but if that’s the case, you shouldn’t get a swivel vanity stool since having a child stand on a swiveling seat can be dangerous.


A swivel vanity stool makes a charming alternative to normal kitchen chairs. They are especially handy in a small space since you can just tuck the seats under the table to keep them out of the way when they aren’t in use.

If you plan to use a swivel vanity stool as a kitchen chair, you should either make sure that the height is adjustable or make sure that you get the measurements necessary to be seated at a comfortable height to your table.

Living Room

Whether you are looking for a small alternative for a piano bench or if you just want a few small, extra seats when you have guests come over, a swivel vanity stool can also fit into your living room decor.

Because they are small, they can be easily tucked away when they aren’t in use. You can even keep them in the closet.

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