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Protect Your Home: 4 Termite Prevention Tips You Can Use Today

Termites cause billions, yes billions, of dollars in damages every year causing headaches among homeowners and stress for business owners all over the country.

Knowing how to prevent a termite infestation is good information for any homeowner to have. Let’s take a look at some termite prevention tips that you can implement to protect your property:

Protect Your Home - 4 Termite Prevention Tips You Can Use Today
Protect Your Home – 4 Termite Prevention Tips You Can Use Today

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  1. Termite Prevention Tips: Eliminate Moisture around the Home

The most common type of termite (and among the most destructive), the subterranean termite, thrives in moist conditions.

To discourage these pests from entering your home and setting up shop, you need to reduce the moisture levels in and around your property.

This includes repairing any exterior AC units that are producing lots of condensation, fixing damaged or broken water pipes, repairing leaky faucets, etc.

Water sources coming from the house should be diverted away from the home with the help of well-functioning gutters and downspouts.

If you have any pools of standing water such as ponds or areas where rainwater tends to settle, be aware that termites might be attracted to these spots and then further toward your home to colonize.

  1. Remove Dying Trees from Your Property

If you have any dead or dying trees or old stumps on your property, these can lure termites. Deadwood is a termites’ favorite place to thrive, so do what you can to remove it. If you need help uprooting an old stump, then find someone that can get the job done.

Firewood also provides a haven for unwanted termites. So when you’re storing your firewood for the winter, keep it at least 20 feet away from the rest of your home.

When you do bring lumber inside, make sure you store it up and away from the floor and the walls in case some termites are already residing within the wood.

  1. Keep Tree Branches off the House

Having a home that’s surrounded by trees is a beautiful thing. However, if your trees have lots of overhanging branches that touch the rooftops or sides of the house, these can act as a gateway for termites into the house.

Keep your branches trimmed and your trees pruned so as to discourage any termites living in a nearby tree from moving it into the house.

  1. Be Extra Cautious with Wood Foundations

One of the most important termite prevention tips includes being mindful of homes built on wood foundations.

These are the most likely properties to sustain termite damage. Though most wood foundations have been chemically treated to discourage termite infestation, they can still weaken over time and become more susceptible.

If your home has a wood foundation, you should inspect it regularly for any signs of termites.

If You Suspect an Infestation, Contact an Exterminator

Even if you take all the proper measures to prevent termites from entering your home, there’s still a chance of termites, especially if you don’t seek professional pest control.

If you’re worried about termites invading your home and want to ensure prevention, read more here.

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  • Dear Perla Irish,

    Gone through your termites prevention tips. As per the observation, water might be the the major reason for increasing termites in the trees and woods. As we cannot stop it from raining, water will cause trees to get affected by millions of termites every year.

    The major problem will arise when it directly affects your home. Last month, my family got a big hassle while cleaning our kitchen ceiling wood while it got affected by thousands of termites. Few woods were damaged.

    We have cleaned everything and other probable wood and ground areas to protect in the future.

    Can you please let me know, what kind monthly/quarterly prevention checklist we can take to prevent termites?

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