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The Most Quiet Cooling Fans You Put In Windows

Some homeowners are fed up with their electric bills because of air conditioners. This is because ACs can cost a lot, especially if it is not the inverter type, it’s running 24/7, and summer has arrived in your region. Find out more about ACs here.

The good news is that rooms can get cool without the need to turn on the AC with the help of fans and other things that you can do inside the home. If your AC does not work correctly and it may take some time before the technicians come in, then here are some tips to cool your home in the meantime.

image - The Most Quiet Cooling Fans You Put In Windows
The Most Quiet Cooling Fans You Put In Windows

How to Make Your Room Cool

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  1. Close the Curtains and Close Windows

The best way to keep the heat from coming in is to keep the sun coming in. You can shut the curtains and the windows to prevent the sun from having hot spots in your bedroom or the living room. Some use blinds which they can roll up to keep the light up and create a darker atmosphere.

If there’s poor ventilation, what people can do is to open the windows at night when the temperatures go down or reduce the openings.

  1. Close the Doors

Many people may not be aware of how much heat can enter through the door. When it’s summer, the ideal thing to do is to close the door even if you have the screen ones in place.

Any light that enters the household equates to heat, and you may find yourself sweating non-stop, and no air is coming in even if the doors are open.

  1. Use Cotton Sheets

Cotton is more breathable compared to polyester fiber. You can use cotton as sheets and pillowcases to make your night’s sleep more comfortable. Polyester may act like silk and can feel cool to the touch at first.

But throughout the night, you may notice that it becomes more uncomfortable as the fabric traps sweat inside instead of dissipating it.

A buckwheat pillow or two can make you stay cool even in the day. Buckwheat won’t hold on to body heat, unlike conventional pillows, so it can be an excellent choice for you.

  1. Use Peppermint Products when Showering

You can linger on your shower and spend some time there until you cool down. The next thing to do is to invest in some peppermint products such as soap or body scrub.

You can combine the peppermint with a few drops of coconut oil and salt to make your skin silky and refreshed. The peppermint provides the cooling effect that you need in the hot summer months.

  1. Make Frozen Treats

If you want your favorite slushy for so long, now it should be the right time to make it. Some cold popsicles that are made from healthy ingredients may be what you need to survive this summer.

Don’t limit eating ice water and all the boring stuff. Make some ice candies, ice creams, and other chilled treats that the whole family can enjoy.

  1. Forget about Grilling

Any cooking or grilling you will do contributes to the heat inside your home. You may want to use your oven outside so that the temperature inside the house will remain cold.

If you feel that the interior is already 200 degrees, you don’t want to increase that to 500 degrees by turning on your oven and baking a cake.

  1. Focus on Your Body Temperature

image - Focus on Your Body Temperature

Not everything revolves around AC during summer. If your great-great-grandfather survived without AC, then so can you. You can take a cold bath when it’s too hot inside the house, drink water, iced tea, lemonade, and other drinks.

You can apply a cold compress to areas such as your wrists and neck. You should also become smart in your clothing choices and choose only cotton ones.

When you feel too hot at night, have a bowl of water ready where you can do a quick dip of your feet to cool yourself. You might also want to postpone cuddling with your significant other until autumn comes.

  1. A Quiet Fan

Fans are the most cost-effective appliance that homeowners can use in the absence of air conditioners. They don’t consume much electricity when compared to AC, and they are easy to use.

They expel hot air to the outside and draw in fresh air to the interior of the house. Most people worry about the noise, and they can’t sleep well at night because of the fans.

Fortunately, there are quiet fans that they can install on their windows to make resting more peaceful. They can visit sites such as https://soundproofpros.com/quietest-window-fans/ to know more about effective fans during summer.

  1. Build a Fortress of Fans

As mentioned above, fans are great substitutes for ACs. They help the air move around, and they help with the humidity inside the home.

They make the sweat evaporate from your skin, which makes you feel cooler. You may want to set up your fans on your windows and others on the hallway to create a cross breeze effect.

You may want to check which way the air is blowing so that you can set up your fans to draw in cold air and push the warm, humid air elsewhere.

If you can’t bear the heat, then turning on your AC or buying one can be an option. But your air conditioner should not be your first option whenever you feel hot and humid.

Some people may say that they’d rather pay the huge electric bill than die from heatstroke. This is an extreme example, but others discover that they are fine once they’ve taken a cold shower.

When trying to cool things off inside the house, there are DIY methods that you can decide if you can’t afford an AC just yet. You can invest in fans that are quiet or blackout curtains that can keep the light away. If summer is approaching, make your plans clear on whether to use the AC or save some money.

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