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Things to Do for The Safety of Your House Before a Long Vacation

When you finally get to go on a long vacation after a long time, your thoughts are occupied by the destination and the special places to visit while there. In the preparation for your vacation, you might forget about the safety of your house.

image - Things to Do for The Safety of Your House Before a Long Vacation
Things to Do for The Safety of Your House Before a Long Vacation

An empty house is an invitation to all sorts of problems from robbery to pesticides and insects. That’s why it is of utmost importance to secure your before vacation.

Here is a list of a few safety measures that you need to take before leaving for a long vacation.

Lock Up

You would be surprised to know that the majority of burglars break into a house through doors and windows. Thus, locking up your door using smart or digital locks, makes it harder for opportunistic burglars to break in.

In case, you have a traditional lock, ensure all of them are functional and if any of the locks require any maintenance get it done at the earliest, especially before your departure day.

Nonetheless, invest in high-end security locks, as they are more secure than the traditional ones. Doing a final walk-through before leaving will give you peace of mind and you won’t be left wondering if you left the back door open during your vacation time.

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Consider Hiring a House-sitter

A trusted person living in your house is the best way of ensuring that it remains safe and secure.

This is the time to call in your favors from trusted friends and family members and have them either stay in your house or check the insides of your house once in a while.

If this is not a possible option for you there are also house-sitting services which you can avail yourself of. This solution of hiring a house-sitter touches all bases of security for your house.

Unplug Electric Appliances

Electrical appliances like ovens, TV, toasters, refrigerators continue to work and consume electricity even when they are not being used, therefore make sure to switch off and unplug such appliances before leaving for your vacation. This step can also prevent electric fires in the home.

Install Added Security Features

Home security systems or exterior lights are some security features that can be added to make your house feel safer.

The security systems keep your house safe while you are enjoying your vacation. Such features also make the house unbreakable for opportunistic burglars.

Pest Control Services

Pests can come into your house from any small opening in search of food. If you are not in the house there is also a chance of the house becoming a breeding ground for pests like mice, cockroaches, spiders, etc.

To stop this from happening take the preemptive step of hiring Terminix pest control business for your house. In this way, you can be sure that no pests infestations will take place while you are gone for a long time.

Cancel Regular Deliveries

Stop your regular deliveries such as the mail, and newspaper before leaving for a long vacation. This step can stop your house from becoming a target of robbers who look out for unoccupied houses.

The service can be stopped very easily by calling the service providers and mentioning the period that you want to stop the deliveries.

Remove Perishable Food

The last thing that you want is to come home from a vacation and be hit with the disgusting smell of rotten food. Get rid of perishable food items such as milk, fruits, etc. from the refrigerator.

This is a very easily forgettable thing that can result in very bad consequences. Rotting perishable foods can also attract rodents and insects to your house.

Don’t Promote Your Vacation Online

Vacation photos are clicked to share on social media websites. However, posting your vacation photos online will let everyone know that you are away from your home which can make it a target for robberies.

Save the photos for after the vacation and share them when you are back inside your house after the vacation.

Outside Maintenance

Mowing the lawn or shoveling the driveway are signs that show someone is living in the house. An unmaintained house can signal to robbers that the house is unoccupied and hence perfect for robbing.

Have a trusted friend or your neighbor come over for some maintenance like cutting the grass, watering the plants, or putting out your garbage cans to make the house look lived in.


Vacations are for relaxing and not for worrying about the condition of your house. By implementing these steps as necessary precautions you can be sure of the safety of your home while vacationing. After all, nobody wants to go on a stressful vacation.

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