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3 Tips on Buying Good Quality Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is a renewable and organic palm growing in tropical regions like Africa and Asia. This material is an excellent choice for making garden furniture thanks to its aesthetically-pleasing design and durable construct.

image - 3 Tips on Buying Good Quality Rattan Garden Furniture
3 Tips on Buying Good Quality Rattan Garden Furniture

But, it would help if you considered certain factors to gain value from buying good rattan garden furniture.

Things to Consider Before Researching

Before you check online and physical outdoor furniture shops, you need to check specific elements first.

Start by measuring the size of your garden. The rattan garden furniture you buy should fit your patio or yard.

Measure the area where your rattan furniture will sit. Use a measuring tape or other similar tools to record the dimensions of your desired location.

Next, consider the surroundings of your garden. Your new rattan outdoor furniture should match the theme of your garden. Otherwise, the design of your furniture will clash with the look of your other garden décor.

After you have the information you need, it’s time to search for your new rattan outdoor furniture. Here are three tips to help you in that regard.

Choose Between Natural or Synthetic

Albeit rattan is an organic material, you can find synthetic furniture that looks and feels like its natural counterpart. You can find good quality natural or artificial garden furniture on the market.

But, you need to know the pros and cons of each choice to help you make a decision that’ll grant you excellent purchase value.

Organic rattan has a springy construction allowing it to be more comfortable than its artificial sibling.

But, the weaving pattern can be inconsistent, which can be a benefit or disadvantage depending on the person. However, one issue with natural rattan is the strands are less durable than the synthetic variant.

Without proper care for garden furniture, the organic material can snap and unravel. But, you can get a minimum of three or five years from the natural palm material with proper maintenance.

Conversely, synthetic rattan is a composite between the organic material and solid resin. This extra ingredient provides durability that might be ten times more than the natural variant.

But, this additional hardness comes with a drawback as manufacturers tend to sacrifice comfort for extra durability.

You need to choose between comfort and durability in determining which type of rattan material you want for your garden furniture. Take the time to select the best choice to avoid regrets after the purchase.

Choose the Right Frame

Please take note that the frame material of the rattan furniture has a relation to its life expectancy and price. Also, you can find pieces of rattan furniture with one of two frame materials: aluminum or steel.

Aluminum frames tend to be more expensive than steel structures. But, aluminum is more resistant to rust than steel.

Rattan furniture with steel frames can be ideal for people who want to bring additional comfort to their gardens while following a strict budget. But, you may need to remove the rust off of the steel structures at least once every couple of years.

On the other hand, you can have better peace of mind with rattan garden furniture equipped with aluminum frames.

Aluminum is a weatherproof material, so it can brave cold and damp conditions without rusting. Still, if you decide to buy outdoor furniture with aluminum frames, be prepared to pay for the expensive price tags.

Choose the Best Accessories

Rattan furniture suppliers may also offer a broad range of accessories that complement your garden and lifestyle. Choose from the plethora of accessories to ensure you can gain excellent value from the purchase.

These accessories include:

  • Furniture Covers – These accessories help protect the furniture from color fading and other issues caused by weather.
  • Storage Boxes – These containers help you pack your rattan furniture away for cold and wet seasons.
  • Cushions – add extra comfort for your rattan chairs and sofas with these items.
  • Lighting – Some rattan furniture comes with built-in lighting fixtures. These accessories are ideal for people who like to stay outdoors comfortably at night.

Take note that these accessories might increase the prices of your preferred pieces of rattan furniture.

But, you may feel more content or happy with the purchase as opposed to buying chairs and tables without extra “bells and whistles.”

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The information given above should help you choose good quality rattan garden furniture. Remember to consider the size of the area and the design of your yard before starting the selection process.

Then, choose from different accessories and frames for your furniture. Weigh the pros and cons of each choice to ensure you gain excellent value from your future purchase.

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