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Top Tips to Get Creative with Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a unique and durable approach to any floor and can be used in any room of your home.

image - Top Tips to Get Creative with Epoxy Floor Coatings
Top Tips to Get Creative with Epoxy Floor Coatings

In a world where it can be increasingly difficult to stand out as different and put your own stamp on things, epoxy floor coatings are providing the perfect opportunity to do so in your own home.

Understanding Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is not a new trend. It has been used for many years in commercial settings but has only recently started appearing in homes.

The coating is specially designed using polymers and applied to a concrete base. It is known to be one of the toughest types of flooring in existence.

The concrete sub-base needs to be specially prepared before the epoxy coating is applied. Once set it is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and practically unbreakable.

In fact, choosing epoxy floor coatings is a great idea if you want to get creative with your floor.

Mixing it Up

Why have a solid color floor when you can have a multi-colored one? The epoxy can be mixed or laid in stages to create patterns in your flooring.

That means you can have different colors and create your own unique and stylish floor. It is surprisingly simple to do.

Static Design

You don’t need to have random swirls of color. The professionals can factor a design into your flooring if you wish. It will take slightly longer to lay but the effort is worth it.

For example, you can have a sundial effect in the center of your floor. The sundial will need to be created first and allowed to set before the rest of the epoxy is poured around it.

There is virtually no limit to what is possible.

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Metallic Shine

If you are a fan of clouds and waves then you will love what you can do with metallic epoxy flooring. It can be put down to look like waves, clouds, or a variety of other effects.

You will be able to create a floor that all your guests talk about and can’t get enough of.


It is also possible to increase the feeling of depth on your floor by adding various textures. Of course, this can be a practical approach to reduce the likelihood of slips and trips. But, it also creates a stunning look, worthy of any home.

The 3D Effect

3D effects have become very popular in recent years. Fortunately, epoxy floorings are perfect to create any 3D scene you wish.

A combination of colors and pouring stages will allow any type of image to be created and appear to come out of the floor.

This approach is more than just a stunning effect, it can transform a room and create a tranquil or more aggressive setting.

Consideration Before Getting Creative

Before you decide what epoxy flooring you wish o have laid, spare a little time to visualize the project. This can be done properly with the aid of a computer and a graphics program.

It will help to ensure you can live with the finished effect for years to come.

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