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Tips for How to Store Juice After Juicing

As people move towards consuming healthier food, juicing has gained a lot of popularity. Squeezing fresh juice at home is considerably simple and costs less than the juice you buy.

You may not always be able to finish all the juice you squeeze in one go and may often wonder how long is juice good for. If stored correctly, fresh juice can last for two-three days.

image - Tips for How to Store Juice After Juicing
Tips for How to Store Juice After Juicing

Difference Between Freshly Squeezed and Store-Bought Juice

Some people think store-bought juice is as good as freshly squeezed juice. But this is not true. Store-bought juice has higher sugar content than freshly squeezed juice.

Also, it is made using modern processing, pasteurization, and other mass-production methods that destroy most of its goodness. And by the time you take it home, it is no longer fresh as it is loaded with preservatives.

Fresh juice, on the other hand, has all the nutrients and is the healthier option. At home, you can use the cold-pressed method to squeeze the juice out of fresh fruits. Homemade juice has many benefits like:

  • The juice will retain more vegetable and fruit vitamins and minerals
  • Freshly squeezed juice does not have added sugars and artificial sweeteners
  • The nutrient value of freshly-squeezed juice will be higher than that of store-bought juice

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How to Store Juice

Ideally, you must drink the juice as soon as you squeeze it. This way, you get all the vitamins and minerals in it. But for some reason, if you are not able to consume it immediately, then here are some tips to store freshly squeezed juice:

  • Store the Juice in Airtight Containers Made of Glass

Oxygen degrades nutrients in the juice and the acid in some juices breaks down the plastic of your containers. That is why you must store juice in airtight, glass containers. You will also not get polyethylene from plastic in the juice if you store it in glass containers.

  • Fill The Container to The Brim If Possible

Since oxygen can reduce the nutrients in the juice, it is important to minimize oxygen exposure. Fill up your container as much as possible so that there is no room for oxygen and exposure is minimized.

  • Store Juice Immediately After Squeezing

Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices can lose their nutrients quickly. That is why you must store them as soon as possible after squeezing them. This will retain as much nutritional value as possible.

  • Add a Citrus Fruit to Your Juice

Citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit, or lime can reduce the nutrient loss from your juices. If possible, add a piece of citrus fruit to the juice before storing it. This will also increase the amount of Vitamin C and other antioxidants in it.

  • Add Some Celery into the Juice

Celery is loaded with Vitamins C, A, and K. It also contains folate and potassium, minerals that are excellent for good health. It is recommended to put a few pieces of celery into the juice to boost its nutritional value.

  • Drink the Juice Within Three Days

Since fresh juice can lose its nutritional value quickly, it is important to finish it as soon as possible. Don’t store juice longer than 72 hours. Try to finish it within that time to get as much nutritional benefit as possible.

Freeze Freshly Squeezed Juice

If you cannot drink your fresh juice within two to three days, then you can freeze it. This will retain the nutrients in the juice as well. Again, it is best to freeze the juice in a glass, airtight container.

But leave approximately half an inch of a gap at the top of the container to provide for the expansion of the liquid. You can store the juice in the refrigerator and drink it once it gets thawed.

What Happens If Your Juice Gets Old?

Like any other food, your juice will also start to get spoilt after some days. If you store your juice for more than three days in the refrigerator, it will:

  • Lose more than 80% of its nutrient value
  • Oxidation will make it look dull and dark
  • The juice’s flavor will change considerably
  • Bacteria will start to grow in your juice, and consuming it can upset your stomach.

Juicing can bring a positive impact on your health and overall wellness. There is a wealth of information about juicing and its benefits on the web today that can help you make the right choices. Get ready to step into the fun world of juicing!

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