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Tips for Repairing the Residential HVAC System

Getting your home air conditioner repaired by a professional can make a dent in your pocket. However, if you don’t want to create disturbance in a monthly home budget with an HVAC repair bill then this blog can be your friend.

image - Tips for Repairing the Residential HVAC System
Tips for Repairing the Residential HVAC System

In this blog, you will get to know when your AC needs treatment from a professional and when you alone can be the doctor for your sick HVAC system:

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1. Hot Air Coming From AC

If your home HVAC is blowing out air, then it could be because of either dirty air filters, blocked drain lines, or a refrigerant leak.

The clogged air filter will not let the air flow freely and this can freeze your AC. When air is not passing through the drain line or when condensate cannot pass out from the system this can also lead to freezing of the AC.

If the refrigerant of your AC is low, then you should not refill it on your own. You need to make sure that you clean the air filter and drain line from time to time.

2. When No Air Comes Out From AC

Even if your AC system is running, then also if no air is coming out then either the outdoor unit or drain train line or outdoor unit fan is responsible for it.

Due to the accumulation of dirt and dust in the outdoor unit, your AC may not work properly. When the air vent is blocked with dust and when the compressor of AC fails then also no air comes out.

You need to check and clean the outdoor fan, drain line, compressor to make sure your AC is cooling fine.

3. Noises

If you are hearing unusual noise when your AC is on, then it can be due to leaking of refrigerant, unbalanced indoor blower, debris stuck in the condenser, the problem in the condenser, failing thermostat or etc.

If you hear buzzing, rattling, screeching, hissing clanging, or any strange noise from your HVAC system, then you can try to resolve the issue on your own first but if you cannot get success then take the help of technicians to get it fixed.

4. Bad Odor

When a nasty smell is coming out from your HVAC system, then you definitely need to find the cause of the bad odor.

Check the drain pan for stagnant water, as it can lead to stinking order. If any small creature has died inside ductwork, then your AC can smell very nasty, so take the help of professionals to get it cleaned.

If the mold has grown in duct or evaporator coil, then a musty smell can surround your house.

You can use a UV lamp to kill the mold near the evaporator coil. If the odor is like a rotten egg then there is definitely the leakage of gas in the AC, so get the help of the technician at once to repair this.

5. Thermostat Issue

There can be a problem with your thermostat when your air conditioner is not cooling or heating properly. You need to make sure that your thermostat is not near the door and windows as direct sunlight can affect AC.

The dirty thermostat can give you the wrong reading of temperature, so you need to clean the dust clogged on the thermostat.

You need to regularly maintain your home HVAC system, as then only you can save yourself from paying money to an AC repair company. However, you can always trust Ambrose air for good AC repairing service at considerable charges.

With over 40 years, the team at Ambrose Air can handle any commercial and residential AC jobs.

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