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Top New Hampshire (NH) Flat Fee MLS Listing Services

After experiencing a peak in an average home sale price in August of last year, New Hampshire property is still among the most sought-after, as inventory remains surprisingly low.

image - Top New Hampshire (NH) Flat Fee MLS Listing Services
Top New Hampshire (NH) Flat Fee MLS Listing Services

Since the state is firmly entrenched in a seller’s market, and buyers are scooping up homes for more than the asking price, sellers stand to make a considerable profit through an FSBO sale.

However, to leverage this lucrative market through a For Sale By Owner websites sale, you need to use the best flat fee MLS New Hampshire sellers can access.

What is a Flat Fee MLS?

A Flat Fee MLS is the only way sellers can get on to a multi-listing service (MLS) without the help of a traditional, commission-charging realtor.

You want to get on the MLS as a seller because that’s where buyer agents search for properties to showcase their clients.

Since most serious buyers will be using a buyer’s agent to find a home, using a flat fee MLS to list on the MLS is critical if you want a fast sale.

3 Best Flat Fee MLS New Hampshire Sellers Should Consider Listing With

To experience the financial incentives and benefits associated with listing with a flat fee MLS, New Hampshire sellers should only consider the best available flat-fee options.

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Houzeo is the most flexible, feature-rich option to get your home on the MLS as a New Hampshire seller.

Some of the notable features include complete customization of your listing allowing you to offer buyer agent commission in an increase of 0.25 percentage points.

Other worthy features include an escrow agent, 2D and 3D tours included at no additional charge, free cancellation, and syndication to all major MLS.

As a seller, you can also navigate the entire process, from listing to closing, on your Houzeo dashboard.

Although Houzeo’s plans start at $279, you can get maximum photos, a 6-month listing, and state and federal disclosures for $399.


FSBO.com plans start at $399; this includes 24 images and a 6-month listing.

From there, you get an a la carte menu which means many standard features come at an additional cost, which can increase your $399 listing to an $849 listing.

However, they also offer select smart features that allow you to navigate viewing requests and buyer interest through your dashboard and syndication to all New Hampshire County MLS.

Flat Fee Realty

Flat Fee Realty is number three on this list because, although it is the most cost-effective option: only requiring an upfront fee of $179, it also has the most hidden fees with limited features. For $179, you can only upload six photos and are required to agree to a 2% or higher buyer’s agent commission.

From there, you have very little control over your listing, as you’ll be assigned a broker via email, who you will need to correspond with about anything about your listing.

Using a flat fee MLS New Hampshire sellers use only makes financial sense. Since many counties in the state are experiencing a seller’s market, you can make substantial savings on commission for both buyers and listing agents.

For example, in other states, sellers are advised to aim slightly above the average listing price to attract buyer agents.

However, as a New Hampshire seller, you can decide to keep your buyer agent commission in line with the state average of 2.2%, allowing you to save $10,500 on your listing agent commission.

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