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Top 6 Most Common Tents Designed for Different Functions

Pitching a tent for a given event refers to more than placing a center pole, spreading fabric over it, and staking corners of that fabric into the ground for a stable structure.

image - Top 6 Most Common Tents Designed for Different Functions
Top 6 Most Common Tents Designed for Different Functions

You should always know that picking the right commercial tent for your event is very essential in ensuring memorable and successful hosting. Different tents design influences their intended use.

Today, many tents come in different sizes and shapes with features designed for specific functions. Below are the various types of tents to choose from based on your needs.

1. Frame Tents

Frame tents are ideal when providing tent cover for events that hold large groups of people. Such events include public gatherings, corporate events, and weddings.

These tents do not need central poles for additional support and provide a clear and unobstructed view from all points within the tent.

2. Pole Tents

These are the most common event tents, consisting of interconnecting poles and center poles for providing additional support. These tents come in varying sizes that can host small outdoor gathering events and barbeques.

Pole tents are versatile for use in many events and are budget-friendly. The main disadvantage with pole tents is that they are limited on the surface they can be erected.

Such tents usually are pitched on grass landscapes because they have to be staked to the ground to ensure stability to the tent structure. However, pole tents do not offer a clear line of sight from all points due to the center pole.

3. Clear Span Tent

It is also known as a structure tent. This type of tent has the largest and most open space of all the tent types. The main advantage of a structure tent is that it can be set up for medium to long-term usage without stability or maintenance. Due to their ample clear, unobstructed space, a clear span tent can be used for purposes such as a warehouse.

4. Cabin Tent

This type of tent comprises aluminum poles that form a frame that looks like a cabin when fit together and walled with waterproof nylon, polyester, or canvas.

Cabin tents are the best choice when looking for a cheap tent for family camping. Despite giving a liveable space and headroom, cabin tents are not of good quality and fail to withstand bad weather.

5. Pop-Up Tent

A pop-up tent is instant to set up, super easy, and quick to take down. They are made up of springs and pop into shape immediately after being released from their bags.

Pop-up tents are simple, lightweight, and inexpensive, making them ideal for summer camping. These tents can accommodate between one to six people and are ideal for large groups.

6. Dome Tent

The dome tent is one of the most common tents available and has a distinguishable design. In addition, this tent is lighter, breathable, and has a decent amount of space.

The tent comprises two poles crisscrossed at a point forming two semi-circles across the tent body, hence the dome shape. Dome tents are available in different sizes to accommodate two to eight people.

Generally, different types of tents have different tent designs. The size of the tent you choose is determined by the amount of space you need.

It is essential to consider the above points before deciding on different event tents to ensure that you pick an appropriate tent for a given function.

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