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Top Ways to Deal with Drains Clogged with Hair

Of all clogs, hair clogs are very common in houses. These clogs can cause the drain to slow down, or stop working properly.

The worst you can experience due to hair blockage is seeing a drain backing up and create an unpleasant mess.

image - Top Ways to Deal with Drains Clogged with Hair
Top Ways to Deal with Drains Clogged with Hair

Hair clogs are easy to deal with, in fact, you can fix them on your own by doing some tricks and you will not necessarily need to depend on Sacramento plumbers for that.

Hair buildups are often the reason behind sink and shower drains.

Keep reading to explore the top ways that you can try to get rid of hair buildup in your drains and keep them working smoothly as before.

Use A Drain Snake or Hair Snake to Unclog the Drain

A drain snake is a good tool for getting hair out of the drain. It grabs the hair very well and powerful enough to remove all hair that is obstructing the drain.

But you need to learn how to use it. Stick it down the drain until you touch the lump, grab onto the hair build-up, and pull out.

You can use a drain stick or a good plumber’s snake as they are easily within the reach of most people.

The Mixture of Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar, when combined together, is quite an effective solution to get rid of hair-clogged drains.

Take one cup of baking soda and flow it down the drain. Now, take one cup of vinegar to be poured next followed by one cup of hot water after an hour.

The combination will act as a drain cleaning solution that is not only eco-friendly but also effective to remove hair clogs without damaging your drain pipes.

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Vacuum may work well onto your hair clogged drain if the clog is not too deep inside the drain and you have not serious soap buildup.

suck out the hair clog with a vacuum. The vacuum when used properly does the same job as done by a plunger.

Before you use a shop vacuum to unclog the drain from the hair buildup, you must need to learn how to do it for the results.

Hire Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Sometimes, hair-clogged drains can be tougher to deal with and might be stubborn to get resolved with these methods.

  If you still fail to remove hair clogs with the above methods, you need to hire a professional drain cleaning Sacramento service.

Drain cleaning experts has advanced tools and expertise to make your drain hair clog-free.

They can remove the hair clogs in drains quite effectively and quickly as compared to your attempt to do it yourself.

To Bottom It Up!

Last, avoid using chemical drain cleaners to clean your drain or make them clog-free. Because this method can both prove to be futile and damaging to your plumbing.

Plumbing problems including clogged drains, drainage problems, water heater repair in Sacramento,  should not be put off.

When problems like this remain unattended for long, these problems can grow bigger, and turn into costly plumbing repairs.

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