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Tree Trimming the Ultimate Guide

The tree trimming process is one of the most confusing processes among homeowners. Before you attempt tree trimming, it is a good idea to do some research on tree maintenance and tree trimming in order to get familiar with the basic tree care techniques.

In this article, we are going to show how tree trimming can be done by professionals so that you might have an idea about what happens behind the curtains of a tree service company.

A tree surgeon is an experienced professional, they have years of experience and have tree surgeon insurance in the unlikely event of a falling tree branch causing accidental damage to property or persons.

image - Tree Trimming the Ultimate Guide
Tree Trimming the Ultimate Guide

When Should You Call a Professional Tree?

Tree trimming is a skilled job and should not be attempted without any experience. Contacting an arborist tree service company in case you notice something wrong with your tree or if you are planning to plant new trees would be the best choice.

What Should Tree Trimming Involve?

Tree trimming, also called tree pruning can include different things but there are certain basic tree maintenance techniques that must always be included during the process. These basic tree care procedures generally include:

  • Thinning

Cutting away branches from the lower part of the tree so sunlight can penetrate through the other side of the tree.

This will also allow air and water to pass through reducing bacterial growth and knots that may cause tree breakage.

  • Crown Lifting

Removing parts of the tree that are lower than the tree’s average height will make the tree more visible and help in reducing its weight.

This can also prevent trees from potential hazards such as tree breakage due to heavy snowfall during the winter season.

  • Reduction

Limbing a tree or cutting off small branches on a tree trunk will make fallen limb sections to be lighter and thus it will be easier for tree removal companies to cut and carry away the pieces of wood.

  • Cable Bracing

Installing cables near major limbs using bolts or straps can reduce the risk of potential damages caused by large winds.

This is particularly useful if your trees grow in high wind areas like coastal regions where hurricanes are not uncommon.

  • Tree Thinning

The tree is one of the best things that can enhance your house exterior but tree overgrowth can often become a nuisance.

Tree thinning techniques will remove tree parts that are blocking your view and also cut away excess tree weight to keep them upright.

There are many other tree maintenance methods used but these basics must always be included in the tree trimming process.

Depending on tree condition and location, different types of tools may be required to perform any tree maintenance technique effectively.

For example, cable bracing systems may require complex equipment’s like hydraulic sheers which should only be handled by professionals having relevant training and experience in such tree care methodologies

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How to Prepare for a Tree Trimming Job

Preparing your tree for tree trimming is as important as the tree services that follow. If the tree is very old, its roots may have grown extensively and there could be a risk of tree damage if such tree is subjected to excessive weight during the tree pruning procedure.

Tree removal companies should always check the soil condition before starting any tree maintenance work in order to ensure the safety of the tree and also the property nearby it.

The Tools of the Trade

There are two main types of tree trimming tools used for tree maintenance companies. These include tree loppers and tree pruning shears.

  • Loppers

Tree loppers are called ‘lopping shears’ in the tree service industry and they are very often used by gardeners for tree branch cutting purposes.

One thing that you should remember is that if you attempt to cut a large tree branch with your household lopper, it may get damaged so purchasing professional tree loppers would be advisable.

  • Pruning Shears

Sharp tipped pruners can also be used but usually, there is a need to use extra force while using them which could lead to unnecessary strain on one’s body if not done properly.

Always opt for sharp tree trimming tools so that the tree branch cutting process can be done in less time and with minimal tree damage.

Professional tree service companies normally use different types of tree trimming shears and loppers depending on tree size, location, and tree condition.

Although many people prefer to purchase standard tree lopper or pruner for their minor tree maintenance works it is advisable to hire a professional service if you are facing major overgrown trees problems at your property.