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3 Types of Bed Bug Evidence That Can’t Be Ignored

Your family loves summer for the longer days, warm sunshine and slower agenda.

Do you know who else loves this season? Bed bugs!

According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), 97% of pest control experts encountered bed bugs last year and more than half report that summer is their busiest season of all.

3 Types of Bed Bug Evidence That Can't Be Ignored
Types of Bed Bug Evidence That Can’t Be Ignored

3 Types of Bed Bug Evidence That Can’t Be Ignored

As travel ramps up, these icky bugs are easier to pick up and spread. Concerned that you may have brought some home with you? Let’s look at the telltale bed bug evidence you can’t ignore.

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  1. Shells or Molted Skins

One of the most obvious signs of bed bugs is a pile of discarded shells or a group of molted skins.

You’ll find these in the spots where the bugs tend to group together and feed.

Start by looking near the piping, tags, and seams of your mattress and box spring. Then, examine any cracks in your bedframe or headboard, as they can also hide out in there.

Bed bugs grow with every blood meal and shed their exoskeletons as they get bigger. The shells will resemble the bed bugs themselves (flat and almond-shaped) but may be of varying sizes.

  1. Fecal Matter

Pro tip: Don’t Google this one.

Instead, let us explain it to you.

Bed bugs create liquid waste, which you’d assume would be red-tinged due to the presence of the host’s blood. However, that isn’t the case because the bed bugs digest the blood beforehand.

This matter is dark brown or black and will often smear or stain your mattress or bed linens. In the same spots where you’d find the outer layers of the bugs, you’ll also see these dots. They may be microscopic, but in most cases, there are enough of them clustered together to be visible.

  1. Bloodstains

This is where the red tinge comes into play.

The bloodstains associated with bed bugs are due to the bite that inflicts the sufferer. If your bed is full of them, you could receive more than 50 individual bites per night!

Thus, it comes as no surprise that you’ll wake up with little crimson specks on your sheets, comforter, and pillowcase. You may also find them on your pajamas.

When this happens, it’s easy to panic. Instead of getting frantic, get smart. Hire a professional bed bug treatment as soon as possible to get rid of the pesky critters once and for all.

One innovative solution is heat treatment, which you can learn about by visiting: https://www.custombedbug.com/about/our-blog/why-you-should-consider-bed-bug-heat-treatment-seattle-wa. 

Don’t Sweep Bed Bug Evidence Under the Rug

If you’ve noticed any bed bug evidence in your home, it’s time to take action today. This isn’t an issue that will go away on its own.

Take the time to notice the signs and call in professional help. While you can take a DIY approach to many things around your home, don’t do it here. Left untreated, bed bugs can affect your physical and mental health alike.

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