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Types of Wall Insulation

Did you know that 90% of homes do not have sufficient insulation in the United States? Even though wall insulation is an important part of a house there are so many people that either do not know the difference or choose to skimp on this important home material.

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Types of Wall Insulation

We are going to share the most common types of insulation below.

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  1. Spray Foam Insulation

This is a great type of insulation if you want to ensure that the cold and heat stay outside of your home. Because spray foam forms an air barrier it can eliminate other extra expenses such as adding caulking.

This is plastic insulation that goes on as a liquid and then it expands to fill up the space that is available.

A professional like JWS Construction LLC will spray this foam insulation mixture and allow it to dry before cutting any excess off to leave a flat and even surface.

  1. Blanket Batts and Rolls

This insulation is usually made out of fiberglass but there are some made from cotton, mineral wool, or plastic fibers.

This is a common type of insulation because it costs less and the rolls fit the standard width between wall studs and attic rafters.

  1. Blown-In Insulation

This insulation is applied with a machine that blows a paper-like material wherever you need insulation placed. The typical material is fiberglass, reclaimed cellulose materials, and rock wool.

This insulation will conform to fit pretty much any area no matter how tight they might be.

You can possibly rent a machine and do this yourself but it’s always best to leave this in the hands of a professional if you can.

  1. Foam Board

This insulation option is made of either polyurethane, polyisocyanate, or polystyrene. They are great for insulating pretty much anything from foundation walls and basement walls to any unfinished floors or ceilings.

Foam boards are pretty thick which helps when it comes to reducing energy consumption.

  1. Reflective Insulation Systems

This type of insulation is unique because it reflects radiant heat. It helps reduce that terrible summer heat which in turn lowers the electric bill during the hotter summer months.

If you live in a state that has a warmer climate this is a great option for keeping the home cooler.

Keep in mind that if you live in a cooler state then thermal insulation is a better option than reflective insulation.

Feeling Like a Wall Insulation Pro?

Now that you know more about the different types of wall insulation you can choose the best type for your home and that also fits your budget.

Insulation is a pretty big decision because it will help dictate your energy bill in the future. The better your home is insulated the better it will be to keep your house warm during winter and cooler in summer.

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