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3 Ways Insects Get into Homes

Insects are a constant concern for many homeowners in the United States and all around the world.

Fighting off these pests occupies a large time consideration in many homes, and they’re just seems to be a constant stream of roaches, spiders, flies, and ants that make their way into the home no matter what you do to try to stop them.

One mistake that homeowners make when trying to remove pests from their homes is a failure to understand how they are breaching the perimeter in the first place.

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3 Ways Insects Get into Homes

A homeowner who learns about weaknesses in their home’s structure is better prepared to stave off this continuous invasion for good.

Of course, there will always be roaches and ants that find their way in for food, shelter, or warmth, but the problem can be dramatically minimized if you approach it with intelligence and a dedication to solving the root causes.

With these three areas in mind, making the fight against constant intrusion by outside pests easier can be achieved.

1. The Roof

Perhaps the primary culprit when it comes to the introduction of pests into the interior of your property is the roof. A roof needs continuous repair and maintenance work in order to continue performing its function properly.

As well, the average roof will require a replacement every 20 to 25 years. Your roof is one of the primary areas of focus when it comes to enabling or preventing insect access to the interior of your home.

Leaks, cracks, and other structural issues that are common within the roof’s shingles or tiles can allow easy access for the miniature bodies of ants and other insects that create trouble within the home. Shoring up weaknesses on the roof is a must for any owner looking to secure their property against this issue.

Likewise, one of the main components of ant and other pest access from the roof is the foliage that you have cultivated around the property.

Trees that provide shade for your patio areas often droop onto the home, allowing for an easy path from ground to home for these intruders. Maintaining your landscaping and trimming trees is a must for anyone looking to protect their home from insects.

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2. The Foundation

Just like the roof, foundation repairs are a crucial component of homeownership, and termites and other insects can play a huge role in this space that is typically forgotten about until it’s too late. Termites are one of the main things that property owners must combat in this area of the home.

The Foundation

While finding a termite on your property can be a devastating realization, it doesn’t have to spell doom for you and your family. With a service that provides excellent termite control in Phoenix, you can kill off this threat in no time and get back to the lifestyle that you want in the home.

Foundation and interior wood repairs are a must for anyone seeking to battle these intruders. Maintaining these elements to a high standard will help prevent future incidents and eliminate any current problems that you’re facing in the home.

3. The Windows

Just like the other areas that provide access, windows are another area of concern for many homeowners. From energy efficiency to security concerns, the windows play a major role in the stability and health of a property.

The Windows

Old windows are chaos creators in a home and allow for the escape of conditioned air out into the exterior spaces that surround the home. Yet this isn’t the only problem that old windows create for you as the property owner.

Hiring a professional technician like Labor Panes Nashville window cleaners to clean or replace glass panes in the home is a surefire way to eliminate an easy access point for an infestation. With these three areas pinned down, keeping an infestation out is a much simpler task.

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