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7 Ways to Spot a Bad Electrician

From flickering lights to power surges, electrical faults are not uncommon. They can happen at any time, even in recently built buildings.

When a fault occurs, the first thought that comes to mind is to call a residential electrician to diagnose and fix the problem.

image - 7 Ways to Spot a Bad Electrician
7 Ways to Spot a Bad Electrician

Unfortunately, finding a credible electrician can be an overwhelming process, given the vast number of impostors masquerading as professional technicians.

If you are not careful, you may end up hiring a phony electrician who might cause more damage to your property.

The good news is that spotting a bad electrician is not hard. Here are the tell-tale signs that you are dealing with a quack electrician.

Constant Reschedules

A professional electrician should always be available whenever you need them. After all, electrical faults can pose serious dangers if not addressed promptly.

If the service provider calls several times to reschedule or even doesn’t bother to call in the first place, that’s a clear sign to avoid them.

In contrast, a pro electrician in Penola will always stick to their word and show up on time as promised. If they have to reschedule for unavoidable reasons, they will inform you beforehand and give you a new date.

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Unconvincing Appearance

When you spot the electrician knocking on your front door, you can quickly tell if they are genuine or not by how they look.

Gone are the days when technicians were unkempt and used to wear greasy clothes. Nowadays, professional service providers come wearing uniforms, and they strive to remain clean and presentable. They are also friendly, resourceful, and respectful when in your home.

If the electrician is shaggy and unkempt, you are probably dealing with a fraudster and need to rethink your decision to hire them.


You can spot a lousy electrician from a good one by how well they are prepared for the job. A pro will come fully equipped with all the tools they need to handle any electrical fault, while a bad electrician may lack even the most basic tools and supplies.

When dealing with an unqualified electrician, you have to contend with frequent trips to the store for supplies. You may also have to rent some tools, which might inflate the repair costs beyond your budget.

Poor Attitude

An electrician is a decent and respectable job that everyone in it should be proud of themselves. If an electrician becomes aggressive or argumentative when a customer asks them a question, they are clearly in the wrong career.

Never hire a person who makes you feel inadequate. Electrical work requires someone with a positive attitude. Good electricians are always ready to help, answer questions, and improve their services to foster lasting customer relationships.

Cutting Corners and Taking Shortcuts

Professional electricians follow strict codes and guidelines when undertaking their work. Cutting corners and taking shortcuts will undermine what they do and pose a significant risk to customers. For instance, if an electrician leaves exposed wires and decides the job is good enough, that’s a clear sign of a careless service provider.

Any incomplete work may pose serious safety hazards to your household or business, and you may have to dig deeper into your pockets to hire another professional electrician to handle the task.

Lack of Knowledge and Dodging Questions

An unqualified electrician is always unsure of themselves and will dodge questions or provide unsatisfactory answers. The electrician may not be willing to answer simple questions concerning safety and anything to do with the ongoing repair work or project.

In contrast, professional electricians showcase a high level of knowledge and expertise. They are always ready to help and offer advice on tackling various electrical problems quickly and safely.

Ambiguous Pricing

Be wary of any electrician who quotes too low or too high. Low quotes are usually a bait to attract customers, but the service provider will add hidden charges later after completing the work. A high quote is a sign that the electrician intends to fleece you. The amount of money you ought to pay should be reminiscent of the job done.

Also, avoid any service provider who asks for a large down payment before they can start working. By paying large amounts in advance, you won’t have control over the repair project. You’ll be at the mercy of the electrician. For this reason, avoid contractors with ambiguous pricing.

Hire a Professional Electrician Near You

Dealing with an unqualified electrician can be costly both financially and in terms of safety. Do not let your hard-earned money go to waste. Avoid the scams by hiring an experienced professional electrician in Victoria, BC.

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