Cranes, in some form or another, have been used for thousands of years. A shaduf, for example, is an effective irrigation tool used as far back as 3,000 BCE.

This type of hand-operated crane is still used today to irrigate land in Egypt, India, and elsewhere.

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What are the Different Types of Construction Cranes

The treadwheel crane is a hosting and lowering device first used during the age of the Roman Empire. Today, modern cranes are used in the construction of cities and other large-scale projects. Some of the modern cranes use the ARC Systems Inc which makes them more specific to use and in high demand.

Cranes are an essential machine across the construction, manufacturing, and transport industries.

There exists a wide variety of cranes, each suitable for different types of work depending on size and location. In this blog post, we will take a look at five different types of construction cranes.

1. Tower Crane

Tower cranes are the type of cranes visible at large-scale construction sites in cities. These impressive machines are hugely effective in their work; they feature a vertical base and a horizontal job that rotates.

Tower cranes are regarded for their ability to work on tall structures, notably skyscrapers. Its height can be adjusted as necessary, as a construction project progresses. Tower cranes are a vital part of large-scale projects.

2. Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes are also known as lattice cranes and are a large type of mobile crane. Fitted with rubber tracks, these cranes are popular on sites with soft or uneven ground.

Crawler cranes are able to carry in excess of 2,500 tonnes of materials, making them an effective machine for a variety of projects.

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3. Floating Crane

Floating cranes operate in water and are commonly used for projects at oils rigs or ports. They are also popular for bridge-building projects and off-shore construction.

These cranes are perfect for work on rivers, ports, and the open sea. Many have a lifting capacity of around 9,000 tonnes, making them an essential part of large-scale construction projects on or near water.

The world’s largest floating crane is the SSCV Thialf, which has a lifting capacity of more than 14,000 tonnes.

4. Truck Crane

There are a variety of truck cranes available for different projects. Typically a truck crane features a carrier and a boom. They are effective due to their easy transporting (they are road legal) and set-up at sites.

Truck cranes are used to lift light loads up to around 45 tonnes, making them convenient for smaller projects or as an accompaniment to larger cranes.

5. Bulk-Handling Cranes

Bulk-handling cranes are commonly seen lifting bulk cargo such as scrap metal, minerals, and coal. They feature a grabbing mechanism and a bucket, allowing them to grab and lift materials from one place to another.

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Understand the Different Types of Construction Cranes

Construction cranes are a staple of many projects on both land and water. As humans, we utilize various types of construction cranes depending on the specific project.

Their ability to carry and lift heavy loads has been paramount to our development throughout history.

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