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What is Sectional Sofa

A few independent pieces of sofas combine together to make a  sectional sofa. A sectional sofa may consist of two or more independent pieces that may be placed together to make one long sofa.

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What is Sectional Sofa

Most commonly, these sofas are found in the living rooms, dens, and even basement living rooms. They have greater seating space as compared to traditional sofas hence they are a perfect choice for living rooms.

You may have seen the “L-shaped” sofas quite a few times, where two or more independent pieces are combined to achieve the perfect 90-degree angle!

Sectional sofas are much more practical and here is why:

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1. Greater Seating Space

As compared to a typical sofa, the sectional sofas provide greater seating space. Families that are bigger or families that have friends over all the time need sectional sofas because more people can sit. Also, they are great for a quick nap. A person can lay down comfortably on them.

2. Easy to Transport

Humungous sofas are very difficult to transport. Sometimes they don’t even fit the entry doors. Sectional sofas are quite easy to transport because individual pieces can be carried. People who live in apartment buildings can have a huge relief because the sectional sofas can be easily transported.

3. Multiple Seating Arrangements

With a typical sofa, you are stuck with one or two seating arrangements. However, the sectional sofas, give people an opportunity to move around the individual pieces so that they can achieve multiple seating arrangements. Due to this, these sofas become much more versatile.

4. Easy to Move Around, During Parties or Get-Togethers

The sectional sofas and their individual pieces can be easily moved around within the house. During a dinner party or a birthday party, the sectional sofas can be arranged to achieve the desired seating arrangement.

5. Available in Various Designs and Fabrics

Long gone are the times when sectional sofas were available in limited colors and fabrics. In the current times, the sectional sofas can be found in a variety of colors and fabrics that can match the theme of the home décor.

6. Fancy Features

Some of them even come with fancy features such as seat reclines, footrests, cup holders, and armrests.

The components of a sectional sofa include a sofa that may be made of three back cushions and three seat cushions, it may have two back cushions and three seat cushions too. Secondly, it comes with a loveseat. The loveseat usually has two seats. Some of the other components include a recliner, a chair, console armrest, round corner wedge, and sofa bed.

Sofa beds are best for move nights, for a game night, and just for chilling with the fam!

Sectional sofas come in various shapes and sizes. They don’t necessarily have to be in the “L-shape” always. They are available in other shapes too such as chaise-shaped, U-shaped, and pit-shaped.

Types of Sectional Sofas

  1. Chaise Sectional Sofa

The chaise sectional sofas are more like the traditional sofas but they have a chaise seat at one end. It can be on the right side or left.

  1. U-shaped Sectional Sofa

As the name suggests, the U-shaped sectionals form the U shape and cover the surface area of the three sides of the room. They consist of a single sofa that has two equal sofas on both sides. They are perfect for TV-lounges!

  1. Pit-shaped Sectional Sofa

Pit-shaped sofas are perfect for movie nights or for game nights. They offer a lot of seating space and are usually a platform of cushions.

  1. L-shaped Sectional Sofa

Then comes the most common type of sectional sofas and that is the L-shaped ones. In an L-shaped sofa, one middle seating cushion connects the other cushions. They are commonly found in living rooms just like the other types of sectional sofas.

Before buying a sectional sofa, it is important to consider the size of the room that you need a sectional sofa for. It has to be figured out whether the full-sized sectional is suitable for the room or whether it needs a smaller setup.

Sectional sofas are a perfect option for those who require greater seating space without having to buy too much furniture!

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