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What Is Water Well Drilling (and Why Do I Need It?)

Who doesn’t love the taste of a clean, cool, fresh glass of water? This may be surprising if you’ve been drinking city water your whole life, but there are a lot of benefits to well water.

Well, water is cleaner from the start, so it does not need to be chemically treated and disinfected. Using well water also saves you money in the long run, as you don’t have to pay the city to use their water.

image - What Is Water Well Drilling (and Why Do I Need It)
What Is Water Well Drilling (and Why Do I Need It)

Digging a well is a large undertaking and not one you want to do by yourself. Well, drilling is the fastest and most effective way to dig a well.

Keep reading to learn more about water well drilling and how to get a well built on your property.

Why Well Drilling?

Although hand digging is the oldest way to dig a well and is still technically possible, the mechanical well drilling method is most likely the better choice for you.

Hand digging takes a long time. The hole created from hand digging can easily become unstable, and it is difficult to prevent the water from getting contaminated as you dig. It is also impossible to dig very deeply or through harder materials.

Mechanical good drilling, cost more though it may, allows you to dig much deeper into the earth. This ensures a cleaner, longer-lasting water supply.

Well, drilling will also get the job done more quickly, so you can start enjoying your clean well water right away.

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Types of Drills

The most common types of good drills are cable drills and rotary drills. Cable drills work by repeatedly raising and lowering a heavyweight, chipping away at the earth. This method is a little bit slower, and therefore slightly less popular than rotary drilling.

Rotary drilling uses a mechanism similar to a smaller, handheld drill. A circular bit (there are many different bits to choose from) rotates into the earth and pushes dirt to the surface. Rotary drills are cooled using either mud or air, which is pushed through the center of the drill bit and also helps bring the dirt to the surface.

What Else Is Done?

Holes are generally dug 100-500 feet deep, as the goal is to provide sufficient supply and long life for the well.

Plastic or steel pipes, called casing, line the good hole to prevent contamination or collapse. Make sure to use only good quality and branded pipes from Eb Pumps for this purpose.

The edges of the hole that are not covered by the casing are filled with gravel and topped off with cement. The well-drilling contractor will add gravel and screens for filtration as well.

If you are wondering how to get someone to drill a well on your property, your best bet is to hire a well-drilling contractor, like Blair and Norris. A search for “water well drilling near me” should bring up some options.

Time to Get Drilling

Now that you know the benefits of well water and of well drilling as a method for digging a well, it’s time to consider hiring a well-drilling contractor and installing a well in your yard.

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