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What to Look for in a Custom Builder

Perhaps you and your partner are nearing retirement age and with the kids off your hands and the mortgage paid, your thoughts will turn to designing and building your dream home in which to spend your golden years.

Such an important project demands a specialist builder, one with extensive hands-on experience designing and constructing custom homes and if you are looking for such a builder, here are some attributes of a successful custom builder.

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What to Look for in a Custom Builder


The goal of the custom builder is to create the client’s concept and with a ‘can-do attitude, you are made to feel that nothing is too much trouble when it comes to your home design and building.

Take the affordable custom home builders in Melbourne as an example, they assign you a project manager and it is their role to facilitate a smooth project that results in the completion of your dream home.

The experts are there to offer advice and with their considerable knowledge, they can assist you in designing the perfect living space.

Significant Resources

A custom builder should have the resources to complete your project according to the timeline.

Heavy equipment to handle knockdown & rebuild projects, in-house architects & interior designers, and teams of tradespeople to carry out the work, would all be available from a leading custom builder.

Things like worker shortages and equipment breakdowns shouldn’t affect your project if you are using an established custom builder.

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Turnkey Solution

From the initial consultation to the property handover, a custom builder should offer a complete service that even includes legal aspects.

They know all about the benefits a first-time buyer can receive and should you need any assistance in claiming first-time buyer grants, they would be happy to help.

For a person with no experience in real estate ownership, the process can seem like an ordeal, yet a leading custom builder will guide you through the process.

Industry Recognition

Any successful custom builder would surely have a few industry awards collected over the years and these should be evident on their website.

A building award is like a seal of approval; federations and associations have very strict criteria and any builder that wins awards, or becomes a member, would be top-notch in every department.

Service with a Smile

The custom builder understands the many apprehensions the client might have and they go out of their way to make you feel that you matter.

It is very reassuring to know that you are in good hands, then you can enjoy the process of designing and building your own home.

Attention to Detail

This is an important quality of a master builder, who regards finishing as a serious matter, and should you have any requests, however minor, the custom builder wants to please.

The designer would go through many catalogues with you, to choose the perfect fixtures and fittings; they have shown homes in various styles that allow you to experience a layout and nothing is too much trouble when dealing with clients. Click here for tips on building a patio.

Best Business Practices

Being in the construction industry for a couple of decades would hone their business processes, making for a smooth and uneventful transition that leads to receiving the keys to your dream home.

Smart Technology

We are living in a digital age and building a home in the 21st century demands smart home solutions.

The master-builder knows all about integrating cutting-edge technology into a project; solar energy is an obvious solution; the price of solar panels has come down a lot in the past 5 years and the builder would have an association with a local solar panel provider.


There are no secrets when you commission a master builder to create your dream home; you are kept informed at every stage of the project and will be invited to inspect the site at several key stages of the build.

Costs would be detailed, so you can see clearly where your hard-earned cash is going and payment can be made in stages, subject to approval.

Competitive Prices

A master builder should not make the mistake of pricing themselves out of the market; indeed, when compared to rival companies, prices should be reasonable.

That said, price should not be the driving force from your perspective; quality materials and work must come first.

Comprehensive Warranty

A good construction firm would issue a long warranty on all of their builds; a full 30-year warranty on structural integrity and a 12-month maintenance period to iron out minor issues that occur with every new build.

A builder that directly employs tradesmen would know that all work is top-notch and can therefore issue a comprehensive guarantee on materials and labor.


Some builders come up with excuses for failing to meet the deadline, while others are always on time with each and every project.

How do you ensure a successful project completion? Assigning a project manager is the best way to facilitate a project and the custom builder employs a number of project managers who are qualified and experienced. The manager liaises with you and all other parties and contractors to keep things moving along.

Knockdown & Rebuild

An established custom builder would offer a knockdown and rebuild service, as they have all the heavy equipment to demolish and remove the old building rubble.

The land would need to be surveyed and groundwork would be required; drainage and utility connections need to be made and a good custom builder has experience in dealing with these aspects. Your home should be designed with climate in mind, in order to be harmonious with nature.

If you are on the hunt for a leading custom builder in Melbourne, start with a Google search and browse the results to find the builder most suited for designing and building a 5-star home.

Prepare a list of questions to ask the builder when you do meet and insist on visiting a few of their previous builds.

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