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What You Need to Know about Households with Septic Tanks

If you haven’t lived in a household that has a septic tank, you would be interested to know that there are many procedures that need to be taken so that you can maintain the system and there are a few things that you should look forward to avoiding regarding this issue.

Having a septic tank means that you have a home that is connected with the sewer of the city which is maintained until it reaches and is inserted into your property. It is used to collect all the wastewater from bathrooms and it escapes the home and is transferred to the tank underground that is placed within the property.

Above ground, there are two openings for the tank, one is used to be inspected from time to time and the other is used to have access in case the septic tank needs to be drained.

Those who have properties with a septic tank are completely responsible for having to repair it if anything goes wrong and have to keep it serviced and maintained from time to time because the system is built to service only one household.

Before you decide to purchase a home that has a septic system, try to consider these things that you will need to know before making such a decision.

You will figure out what is good about purchasing a home with a septic tank and what can go wrong and why you should get your potential home inspected before deciding to purchase:

image - What You Need to Know about Households with Septic Tanks
What You Need to Know about Households with Septic Tanks

Pros about Purchasing a Home with a Septic Tank

  • Saving more with utility bills (Having your own tank means that you will be saving money when it comes to bills because residents need to pay when it comes to the costs of the sewer but those who have their own septic tank, won’t have to deal with such issues.)
  • When maintained properly, a septic system can last for a very long time. You will be able to conserve water better while being alert about what goes down the drains, it doesn’t only protect your septic system as much as it will protect nature and the community.
  • Having a septic system is considered safe because in the events where you might encounter blockage through the waste system, at least with a septic tank you will be able to know where the waste has come from.
  • A septic system is designed to make it environmentally safe and is a great home feature such as if there would a leak that could happen within the property, if you have a septic system, it will only affect the property but if a leak occurs on a property without a septic system, the damage is larger than just one property.

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Cons about Purchasing a Home with a Septic Tank

  • Maintenance on a constant basis. Having your own septic tank is needed to be checked by a professional just in case you need to get it pumped every few years and inspect any damages throughout the years of use.

The cost of the maintenance is not that expensive depending on the location of your property in the world but it has to be maintained more often than not.

  • You must repair everything that has to do with your potential property.

Living in homes that don’t have septic systems, it is the personal user that is required to be repairing the damages as other homes that don’t have septic systems actually depend on the government to fix these sewer pipe leaks and backups that can happen.

  • You should constantly get it inspected due to the fact of the time that the drain field can be impacted due to the impact of cars and even roots of trees forcing a drain field to fail if not constantly inspected.

When you plan to get your house inspected, here are a few things that you will notice within the inspection just in case you don’t want to fall into any unknown surprises:

  • The last inspection was made to determine the last time it needed service and next time it will need it.
  • The location of the drain field as it should be placed next to a well or anything that is a source of water.
  • Having the right knowledge that the system is the right size for the home that it is serving so there won’t be any issues of over flooding or blockage.
  • The Exterior layer is not damaged from leaks and cracks
  • All drain lines are clear and equally receptive

Home Builders nowadays that are building homes with septic systems usually build homes that don’t have any access towards city water or the sewer.

It is the requirement of having to drill a well that would be the source of water for your household but it should be placed or located near the system as well.

They will check the department of health and see if they can locate any or all of the existing wells among the community so you would understand the blueprints of the septic systems that have been installed before.

Many people wonder if they purchase a household with a septic system, does that mean that they can’t change it or convert it if they face any common issues in the future.

All homes get rid of wastewater one way or another and that is a septic tank or the city sewer line.

If you want to make the choice to change the system and go to the sewer line, connecting your home towards the public sewer is actually an easy procedure that won’t take any longer than 3-5 days to get completed depending on the community and the construction of the household of course.

The only downfall about the decision about changing systems is that there will be a lot of labor work that will happen so that can seem costly once all is said and done.

But before you plan to change the systems with your household or not liking the idea of septic tanks, you should understand that it is better for the environment due to the fact that it cuts potential pollution risks which serves as a natural filter and helps with nature and wildlife as well.

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