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What Should I Do If I Locked Myself Out of My House?

Being locked outside your house can be a serious problem. There are lots of situations when you need to enter the house immediately: someone who needs care is locked inside, the weather is awful, a dinner in the oven, etc.

To open the locked doors effortlessly and fast, you should definitely ask for help from the company that provides locksmith services.

image - What Should I Do If I Locked Myself Out of My House
What Should I Do If I Locked Myself Out of My House

Something is wrong and you can’t call them? Then you can try to enter the house by using the other ways.

So, what can you try if you are locked out of your house?

Try Another Doors or Windows

People usually check all locks before leaving the house. But maybe that time you’re lucky and someone has forgotten to close one of them.

It won’t hurt to try the back door and the windows. There is a big chance that you actually will find an unlocked window.

People usually pay more attention to check the doors than the windows before they leave. But we recommend you not to try the windows on the second floor. It can be dangerous, even if you have a ladder.

If there’s no way to enter the house through the window or another door, then you should try something else.

Ask for Help

If you can’t open the door by yourself you can ask for help from someone you live with. They will come home and let you in. If you live in a rented place you can call your landlord. They usually have a copy of your door keys.

They can easily open the back door if the lock on the front door is broken. But that will solve the problem only partly.

Afterward, you will have to call the locksmith services to install a new lock or fix the old one anyway. One of the companies where you can get the best and the fastest residential locksmith services is Sure Lock & Key.

If you live in an apartment building you can ask for help from your superintendent, the person who’s in charge of repair and maintenance in residential buildings.

However, the super may suggest calling the locksmith services. We here can recommend you Sure Lock & Key, which is one of the market leaders in the locksmith services area.

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If only all these methods were unsuccessful, you can try to open the door using the improvising tools.

Everyone has seen how easy it is to open the locked door with pins or paperclip in the movies. But in real life, this technique can be tricky.

If you don’t have the suitable experience you could break a lock. But you can give it a shot if you have enough confidence or you’re sure that the lock is already broken. So, what should you do?

  • Take two pins or paperclips (if you have only one you could cut it in half and make both tools out of one). Bend one of them into an L-shape item (a tension tool), straighten another one and bend the end of it to make a small “V” (a pick).
  • Put the tension tool in the bottom of the lock.
  • Insert the pick into the barrel and manipulate each pin, so the top pin is above the shear line.
  • When all the pins are at the right place you can remove the pick and twist the barrel with the tension tool and open the lock.

When nothing seems to work, maybe it’s time to call the company which deals with locked doors every day?

Call a Locksmith

This is probably the most reliable and fast way to open a locked door. The first step begins long before the accident.

You should pick the best local locksmith company and save their contacts. So you would be able to call them immediately and won’t waste your time searching.

After you’ve contacted the company you just stay calm and wait for a technician. He will come and open the door within minutes or even seconds.

Sometimes a lockout situation can happen in the middle of the night, but today it isn’t a problem to find the 24-hour locksmith services.

We can recommend you Sure, Lock & Key the company that provides locksmith services even after hours, so you can rely on them anytime.