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What are the Different Types of House Gutters That Exist Today?

Your home foundation is beginning to crack a little. After talking to a repairman, you realize that this happened due to how much rain your area gets.

The moisture rotted away your foundation material. This wouldn’t have happened if you’d had gutters. What types of house gutters do you have to choose from?

image - What are the Different Types of House Gutters That Exist Today?
What are the Different Types of House Gutters That Exist Today?

Does it matter which ones you install? The answer is yes. Not all gutters are the same.

A style that fits one homeowner might not work too well for another. We can help you figure out which ones to buy. Keep reading to learn what your choices are.


When you go to the store to buy home gutters, these are the ones that you’re probably going to see the most of. They’re super common.

They’re flat on the bottom and back. The front of the gutter resembles crown molding. It usually curves up into some kind of elaborate shape.

You can get them in both a 5-inch and a 6-inch model, allowing them to hold more water than almost any other gutter you can get.

Since they’re so common, getting installation for your gutters will be a snap as well.

We will warn you that you’ll have to clean them often. They clog up easier than the other models on this list.

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Half-round gutters are a semicircular tube that curves up. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

You see them on older houses more often than not, but that doesn’t mean that having them will decrease your curb appeal. The rustic look they give off is actually kind of charming.

The inside of these gutters is smooth, so it’s hard for debris to get caught in them.

That means you won’t have to clean them quite as often as you would if you had k-style gutters. They’re also less prone to rust.

Paying the installation fee will take a lot more out of your wallet. They’re often heavier, making them more complicated to work with. They’re also not the best house gutters for torrential rainwater.


Box-style gutters are bulkier than k-style and half-round gutters. It’s for this reason that you don’t see them on a lot of residential buildings. You can still use them for your home if you want to, however.

They’re made for buildings with large rooftops. The bigger the roof, the more water the gutters need to be able to hold.

While most gutters sit on the edge of the roof, box-style gutters have a high back that attaches under the roof shingles.

Unfortunately, this means that they have to be installed during the house’s construction. You can get them after the fact, but you’ll have to redo your roof in the process.

The Different Types of House Gutters You Have to Choose From

Without a good set of gutters, water will pool around your home’s foundation. After a while, this will lead to damage that can be more than a little expensive to fix.

Stop the moisture in its tracks by choosing from one of the many different types of house gutters that we’ve talked about here.

If you’re looking for more ways to upgrade your home to handle the rain, we’ve got you covered. Visit our blog daily for all the latest design ideas.