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What to Expect From Your Futon Mattress

All traditional futon mattresses are hand assembled by great local workmanship, resulting in each one being authentic and unique. There are certain standards that are followed while making authentic futons and thus quality is kept similar.

However there can be slight differences in: contoured seams, skipped threads, the fabric types etc. These production characteristic are cosmetic and do not deviate from the performance of a futon.

What to Expect From Your Futon Mattress
Futon Mattress

Futon beds are as old as the history of Japan. Locals rely on futons for not only sleeping the night away but also count them to be holding to the key of their health. If you visit Japan, you will not see a single person complaining of back issue or headaches, nor will you see an elderly person talking about joint issues. The reason behind such youthful appearances and good health is the simple lifestyle including futons.

If you’re transitioning from a regular bed to a traditional futon, you will find it difficult to adjust to it. Nevertheless, to make your journey smooth and successful you need to consider the following factors:

Give Futon Some Time

Ever heard how true love takes time? Well, similarly it can take you up to 8 weeks for getting comfortable to the new improved mattress. Remember that you may have been sleeping on a messed up mattress which according to you or shop owner was a master piece. So the breakdown might have been there for years, but only you couldn’t figure out-be sure to snuggle in and give futon the right amount of time.

New Mattress Scent

For sure, your new futon will have a completely different odor, which is very normal. Our regular beds are immediately sealed after their production, which locks in the smell until the bag is opened up in your home. Same applies to futon sets, after ordering, futons get packed right away and when you open them up on receiving, a weird smell will struck your nose. Don’t panic, it’s just the smell of cotton and will fade out in two hours time.

TIP: You can speed up this process by airing the mattress before using it and covering it up with futon cover.

Tatami Mat-Support

Your new futon mattress, just like regular mattresses will need a strong foundation beneath it. Although Japanese keep it simple and lay it out directly on the floor, while the western style futon uses a base made out of wood or metal. If you don’t want to use a base and want to follow the Japanese routine of laying it out at night and folding it back in the morning, then consider using a tatami mat.

Futon mattresses can now be custom made: you can order traditional futon mattress according to your desired measurements and filling. Generally, futons are made out of cotton but you can also have silk or foam filling. Futons are known to be firm but you can add more cushion to your bedding by adding a mat underneath the futon.

Tatami mats are what Japanese use under their futon mattresses. Tatami mats are like regular yoga mattresses; it won’t raise the futon from floor but will minimize rigidness of the mattress. Since you will be sleeping on a futon for the first time, it is therefore recommended to gradually progress yourself towards using the absolute Japanese bedding.

Loose Threads, Scuffs or Blemishes

Once you receive your new futon set, you might see some small manufacturing inconsistencies. Loose threads, blemishes, or scuffs might be seen, remember that authentic futons are hand-crafted so these small things does not affect the quality of the mattress or its performance. You will also have a huge variety of futon covers and kakebuton cover designs and styles. You can further enhance your bedding by matching the covers and sheets with your room interior.

Thicker Futons

Today’s futon mattresses can be custom made and can be made thicker. Remember that, cotton made futons should not exaggerate in thickness, because cotton can become stiffer. Also futon covers should be ordered according to the futon measurement, as the covers are tailored with a zipper on side for a perfect fitting. For first time futon purchase, do take guidance from the customer care and listen to the instructions so there are no complains later.

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  • Great topic. I too am in a similar boat. My mattress is beyond help and I’m looking for something else. I find your post. I like your futon mattresses . This is very beautiful and comfortable. You use very unique designs. Feel so good……!

    Thanks for share your post……!!!!

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