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Don’t Do Without Heat and Air: What to Look for When Hiring HVAC Companies?

Your HVAC system is a complex beast.

If you’re eager to flex your DIY muscles, well buddy, this isn’t the time. There are too many things that could go wrong if you try to tinker with your heating and cooling system.

Not only that but even if you hire a professional, you might still end up frustrated with the result.

You’ll sometimes hear horror stories about so-called “professionals” who botched an installation.

Some HVAC companies may give out inaccurate estimates, causing the homeowner to spend much more than expected. Others delay the job for days, while you and your family suffer from the blistering summer heat.

image - Don't Do Without Heat and Air What to Look for When Hiring HVAC Companies
Don’t Do Without Heat and Air What to Look for When Hiring HVAC Companies

How do you prevent this nightmare from happening? The obvious answer is to hire the right HVAC contractor. Here are some tips to help you with this process.

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  1. Research, Research, Research

Like all worthy endeavors, it all starts with research.

Fortunately, there’s not much legwork to be done. You can contact friends and family to ask for their recommendations. It’s best to start there since you know that these people will not steer you wrong.

It also makes it easier now that you can find almost anything online. Harness the power of the internet to search for HVAC contractors near you. Read client reviews and testimonials to have an idea if a company is a good fit.

  1. Check the Credentials of the HVAC Companies You’re Considering

Have you got a name or several names from your research? Good, then the next step is to check if they’re legit.

Any reputable company will be eager to show you their credentials. An example is getting certified by the HVAC Excellence programs. Certifications range from employment ready to Master Specialist Hands-On.

Of course, you should also check if they have the licenses required for your state. Confirm that the licensing is up to date. Most HVAC businesses will have the licensing information displayed on their website or business cards.

  1. Ask About Their Level of Experience

This isn’t a slight against newly-opened heating and air-conditioning companies. It’s just a safer bet to choose a company with years of operation under their belt.

Another thing you should ask is if they have experience with the particular brand of your HVAC system. Each system made by different manufacturers is unique. You need to make sure that the technician knows the ins and outs of your specific brand for HVAC repair or installation.

  1. Ask for References

A respectable company shouldn’t have a problem with providing local references. Of course, don’t stop at getting the names and contact information. You should talk to the previous customers and ask about their experiences with the company.

  1. Other Questions to Ask

Aside from the company’s credentials and level of experience, there are other important questions to ask before finalizing the hire. Some of these questions include:

  • Are you going to do a home evaluation?
  • Can you give an estimate of the costs?
  • How do refunds or warranties work?
  • Do you have special offers or rebates?
  • Does your company do any additional home repair service?

Finding the Right Company for Your Heating and Cooling Troubles

There are a lot of HVAC companies to choose from, some that you can trust, and others, not so much. Follow the tips in this article to make sure that you’re making the right choice.

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