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What Type of Glass Should You Use for Windows?

When you are replacing window glass in old window frames, the best choice for replacement window glass is clear float glass. Most window manufacturers will be able to provide this type of glass.

However, there are other types of window glazing that you can consider if you want to save money or enhance your home’s energy efficiency with an insulating window upgrade.

image - What Type of Glass Should You Use for Windows
What Type of Glass Should You Use for Windows

Tempered Glass

If your window frame needs repair work before the window installation, opt for high-quality low-iron (clear) tempered glass instead of clear float glass at first because it is much more affordable than clear float glass and has similar features.

Tempered glasses cost approximately one-third less than regular clear float glasses.

Low-Iron Glass

Low-iron may not always convey images that are clearer than float glass, but it is more energy-efficient.

Low-iron window glass has a very small amount of metallic impurities that are added to the molten glass during the manufacturing process. The low iron window glass will not block out as much heat or light as regular window glass.

Safety Glass

If you have children, elderly people around your home it might be best for you to consider window safety film instead of window replacement because tempered or laminated safety glasses are safer in case they break accidentally which is also more affordable than clear float glasses.

The downside with this type of window glazing is if someone throws an object at your window it will shatter without leaving any shards on the ground unlike other types of window glazing available in the market.

Argon Gas Filled Glass

Most window manufacturers recommend argon gas-filled window glasses as an alternative to window replacement because it has good insulation properties.

Argon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless inert gas that is less expensive than krypton which could cost about 50% more for the same window insulating performance.

The downside of this type of window glazing is the window needs to be thicker and its visible difference is from clear float glass which you can’t see through clearly.

Triple Window Glass

If you select triple pane window glass instead of double-pane or single pane, then you will save money on your monthly bills with quadruple energy efficiency.

The downside with this type of window glazing is it costs about 20% more than double window glass and it can add significant weight to your window opening that needs to support its weight.

Plexiglass Window Glass

Plexiglass window glasses are popular for window replacement in commercial applications because it is cheaper than laminated safety glasses, has better light transmission quality, and is easier to cut using common tools like a jigsaw or a circular saw.

The downside with this type of window glazing is it scratches easily and drilling holes on plexiglass window glass will crack the surrounding area.

Wire Mesh Window Glass

Wire mesh window glass is not meant for home use, but if you need window security film then wire mesh window glazing might be suitable for your application where you want additional window security and privacy.

The downside with this type of window glazing is it restricts visibility and should only be installed for temporary window protection where you can easily remove or replace it when needed.

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What Kind of Glass Should You Choose?

Do you think that it’s hard to know how to install a replacement window or is it harder to choose the right glass for your window?

You need window glass to help insulate your window frame against the wind, rain, and cold weather conditions.

Thin window glasses are better for window energy performance than heavy window glasses because the thicker the window glass is; it will reduce your visible light passing through windows in your home’s interior.

If you live in an area where there are earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, or other natural disasters like floods where water can damage your window opening then it is wise to select tempered or laminated safety window glass instead of clear float glass because it breaks into small chunks that fall on the ground when broken.

If you use triple pane window glazing then it might be a good idea to consider adding a storm window outside of your window opening to protect window glazing against wind and rain until you get a window replacement.

There are other types of window glass available in the market which you can find at your local window dealer, but this article covers the more popular window glasses being used by window contractors for window replacement purposes.

How Can You Replace Your Windows Flawlessly?

If you need to replace an old window or add a new window where you live then you must measure your window opening correctly before trying to replace your window with the wrong sized window because there are different types of standard size windows from 1/8 inch off from being exact (between 24 and 25 inches) and if your measurements fall in between like 19 and 21 inches for example, then window replacement window glass with exact size might not fit your window opening.

This is why you must use a tape measure to wiggle around the window frame areas to get an accurate window measuring stick so you don’t order window glasses that won’t fit or spark legal problems because your window was measured incorrectly by someone else.

More About Mesh Window Glazing

Wire mesh window glazing for windows is used in commercial applications like offices, banks, and retail stores where additional window security and privacy are desired without obstructing visibility inside the building.

If you want to replace window glass at your home or office then consider using laminated safety glass which will prevent injuries if broken because it breaks into small chunks that fall on the ground instead of shattering into dangerous pieces.

To prevent window glass from fogging up, consider adding a storm window outside your window opening to keep the window glazed cool during hot summer days where it will reduce window condensation and fogging problems.

If you have children or pets at home then tempered safety window glasses are better than laminated window glasses for window replacement because they will break into small chunks just like plexiglass window glazing which is safer if broken accidentally by kids or pets.

There are other types of window glass available in the market which you can find at your local window dealer, but this article covers the more popular window glasses being used by window contractors for window replacement purposes. about what should I know about window glass

Window glass is usually sold at local window dealer shops and if you need window glasses that don’t fit standard window measurements then visit your nearest window manufacturer’s shop to buy window glasses that will work for your window installation.

How Can You Measure Your Window Opening?

Now you ask how hard is it to how to measure a window for replacement?

First, you need a tape measure and a straight edge ruler to draw the line on the wall next to where you want your window installed which is called the window reveal the location.

The window reveals location should be measured from the top of the window frame down to the window sill or bottom of the exterior building wall surface.

-Next, find out how wide or wide your existing windows are by measuring the inside edge of the side jamb (window frame sidewall).

The window height is measured from window sill to window head or window top jamb.

You will need to measure the window reveal width again for your replacement window order which includes the wood window frame size, window sash size, exterior window trim molding size, and interior window sill size.

How to Know If Your New Windows Should Be Custom Order

You might also be curious about how much does window installation costs if you request it as a custom order?

If you have smaller than standard-sized windows then you should probably get your replacement windows custom-made because it’s cheaper than buying new windows that are too big for your opening.

Window glass for window installation purposes can usually be picked up at local glass supplier shops but if you want more details about what type of window glasses are best for window installation and window repair service then visit window replacement window glass.

Difference Between a Single Pane and Double Panes Window Glass

A single pane of window glass is also called a single glazed window which only has one layer of window glass inside the sash opening.

Single pane window glasses can help reduce heat loss during winter months and heat gain during summer months where it works as a thermal barrier to prevent your home or building from extreme temperature changes on either side of the window.

Double-paned window glasses are made up of two layers (or more) of window glass put together and sealed using inert gas like argon, krypton, or xenon to provide insulation value that can keep your window cool during summer and warm during winter; double glazed window glasses are the most common window glass replacement window glass used at homes and buildings.

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